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Art of Defence 2014 - by LOD_Mantis
  • Ease of Play 20/25 - I think this could have some potential among the other Defence scenarios out there and I felt cosy playing it. Fun to play it when you want play something similar to a PTO or TD, but also try something new aswell.
  • Playabilty 17/25 - It's quite a big bite for new and experienced players both. One mistake can cost you an entire game and not for just you. The start ot the scenario is possibly a bit too hard, but I guess it's no PTO and the game is meant to give the player a challenge. So I wouldn't play it with totally random people, because the stakes of survival are high.
  • Creativity 13/25 - There is maybe even too many different Defence scenarios out there, but with the standard setup it wasn't created bad, but rather normal, which is good also.
  • Balance 8/15 - Really hard to win from a bad spot, but if the players truely work as a team it can be done. The outcome of the game can be decided really short into the game, so it's not that great.
  • Design 9/10 - I think the design suits a Defence genre map very well. Maybe you could have added more eye-candy or other nifty stuff, but it's not required.
  • Total points 67/100

Act I - Dark Ascension - by _Bone_ and Gwayle
  • Ease of Play 23/25 - A RPG-lover will definitely play this time to time and a casual gamer may even try it more than once.
  • Playability 21/25 - Really fun open-world RPG with side quests and main quests. The fact there was no cartography made me edit it, because without it teamwork is crippled. Minor bugs killed some fun.
  • Creativity 20/25 - I can't give full points for this one, because separating the story into acts doesn't show the full creativity, but the story was good and catchy.
  • Balance 13/15 - Maybe 1 life is not enough for a RPG that is full of so many possibilities. Other than that the bosses and normal enemies were not overpowered or too weak.
  • Design 10/10 - Really beautiful work on the terrain, just marvellous.
  • Total points 87/100

  • Ease of Play 18/25 - I would call this an over average RPG what not many would love to play again, but still would try it a couple of times.
  • Playability 16/25 - The whole concept of it isn't that good, with friends it could be a great game, but not so much with random people. The longer you play the less fun it gets. Let's say you die halfway through the scenario then I would consider it a pretty fun map, but not when I have played it all the way until the end.
  • Creativity 15/25 - The scenario lacked a story that you follow. You could have added more quests, options or other things that add to the enjoyment factor. I did like the hero classes.
  • Balance 14/15 - At the start of the game you have a risk of losing the game, but you have a second life, which is really nice. I think the the strengths of the units are balanced and nothing is too strong or too weak.
  • Design 7/10 - The layout of the scenario and the terrain could have been better, modest design.
  • Total points 70/100

Soon followed by the reviews of other judges. Be patient!
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- Act I - Dark Ascension by Vaultboy

Ease of Play (19/25) - This map is great if you wanna chill with friends for some hours in a RPG. Sadly, this style of maps in aoe not common on Voobly, but sometimes good to play something different.
Playability (21/25) - Lots of minor elements, 3 classes, good storyline. With some magic (modding) this map could be awesome.
Creativity (18/25) - Overall, it's looks like other RPG maps, but since it's really hard to make an unique one, it's not that big problem. This type of games need many times and creativity to make something great.
Balance (10/15) - I never liked in aoe2 if you have only one live. With some extra triggers you should give more options and eye-candies (gather-able lives, unique boss abilities).
Design (9/10) - The map is big and detailed with many small zones, with some "intelligent-terrain" this map could be 11/10.
Overall: 77 from 100

- Art of Defence 2014 by LOD_mantis

Ease of Play (24/25) - Art of Defense is a known game type in aoe2. This one giving few minor changes only, so players can learn it fast how to play against a custom Ai (or player).
Playability (18/25) - Like most of AoD, this map also have sick start. You have to play with players, who know what to do, or you will lose too fast. I suggest more difficult option and some "noob panic button" so players can practice without ruining partner's gameplay.
Creativity (17/25) - There are too much similar map out there, I suggest give more features to make it unique (special bosses, more options), but the custom Ai if could have difficult options more important.
Balance (7/15) - The start is too hard, while the end (if you doing your job right) not really fun. The players' starting will decide how the game will end, not the overall skill.
Design (7/10) - This map fine without many eye-candies, but you still gave some. I like those "mini castles" made by TWAL, but the shop looks a bit confusing at first look, also the right corner simple not fit into this map, I suggest remove it.
Overall: 73 from 100


Ease of Play (20/25) - Easy to play if you know when attack and when avoid enemies. You have to play with friends this map too, or it can end too fast.
Playability (15/25) - At first minutes it was fun, but later it's boring. Just move, move and move. The sound when you kill an enemy a bit annoying, you should improve it by using negative tributes, also he allies too much time doing the hard job.
Creativity (8/25) - As a reworked map I excepted more. No quests, no story, you are just moving forward, not fun to play. You should give some unique events into the game.
Balance (13/15) - You can choose from many units and have extra lives. Sadly the Ai not really fun, but sometimes you can run into a trap.
Design (5/10) - Lack of details and eye-candies. Some stuff in your way could improve it much.
Overall: 61 from 100
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Barrys Cooperative Scenario Reviews


Art of Defence 2014 - by LOD_Mantis

Ease of Play
In theory this should be easy to pick up and play but it really isn't. Until you learn what to do you will struggle.

If you like a challenge then you will like this map. It takes a lot of concentration and your team needs to be good. One bad player can block you with bad building and cause the whole team to lose.

The map type is well worn and there isn't much new here.

I'm not sure how you would judge balance in a map like this. Perhaps because one player can cause all others to lose pretty quickly it has some issues.

It is a defence map and the only thing that matters in terms of design is that the AI units don't get stuck. This map is perfect for what it is.

Total Points


Act I - Dark Ascension - by _Bone_ and Gwayle

Ease of Play
Its an RPG, perfect for some fun time with friends.

Like all RPG maps this will take some time to finish. Make use of the voobly save restore function if you don't have time to do so. If you feel like being a casual nooba you can also use the restore function to avoid losing.

Its hard to deviate much from the generic RPG format but this one does enough to make it feel different.

The map flows well and doesn't have too many difficulty spikes.

A lovely map design.

Total Points



Ease of Play
An RPG with multiple class choices. Easy to learn.

Pretty generic RPG layout.

A fix of an old map with little changed.

Not much wrong here.

Basic RPG map with nothing exciting.

Total Points

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Thanks to all who entered! My reviews are listed below. If you have any questions on how I evaluated your map, please leave a message in my inbox or find me in the CS lobby.


Art of Defence 2014 - by LOD_Mantis
• Ease of Play 15/25 – This map can either end on a swift and early note, or drag on forever if the prey are able to be fluent together and maintain a notable stronghold. There are very few instances inbetween.
• Playability 18/25 – Not difficult at all to pick up, but so much relies on a perfect build up. It’s so easy to make a mistake and die fast.
• Creativity 12/25 – This map easily blends in to it’s ancestors; another typical defense map with little new additions. It’s not the type where players will get easily hooked or addicted. It resembles a more elaborate and less enjoyable form of Fast Vills Defense, among many other maps.
• Balance 7/15 – The difficulty will so strongly depend on all of the defenders’ ability to work together effectively. A ton of strangers trying to defend the arena will be very unlikely to thrive. The start has been pretty hard too, as all it takes is one minor mistake from a defender to have the game end early.
• Design 9/10 – Proper and suitable for a 2v6 map. There is plenty of building space and a suitable environment for players to try to work together to fend off the hunters, as the hunters have a suitable entry area too.
Total points 61/100

Act I - Dark Ascension - by _Bone_ and Gwayle
• Ease of Play 18/25 – It had a very good start to it, as well as maneuvering through the map with your allies. With or without teamwork though, it had moments where it really dragged on or took a very long time to complete the next objective, with the large map size being acknowledged (free roam RPGs often have this downside).
• Playability 20/25 – Regardless of which character chosen, all roles were fun to pick up and utilizing the format in this RPG was enjoyable. With the map being extremely large, it had some moments where it was less enjoyable as it took time to travel everywhere.
• Creativity 24/25 – Very unique RPG! The leveling up and spell casting systems were exceptional. These are feature you see in very few RPGs.
• Balance 8/15 – In observance of the spawn and opposition, many enemies were spawned in the same spots and not tasked anywhere… so when you get to them an hour later after they are created, they tended to be overpowered and made defeating them unusually difficult. The bosses were no walk in the park either, especially with ballistics given to the ranged opponents.
• Design 10/10 – Very creative; a lot of time and effort was clearly put into this as the map is loaded with eye candy. Very well done!
Total points 80/100

• Ease of Play 15/25 – Easy to pick up and very understandable. Leveling up is pretty good too, though it’s long and not full enough of content for the length you go to beat this map.
• Playability 16/25 – No major bugs or crashes encountered. The excitement fades as the game goes on as no big challenges or twists occur to keep you on your toes.
• Creativity 11/25 – Very little to no storyline was given; an essential ingredient for me when evaluating a RPG. Boss battles are mainly simple right-click the boss and run away when your health gets low.
• Balance 12/15 – Very easy at the start and each class gives a compatible ability to stay alive and flourish. It gets harder with progression but nothing was extremely challenging.
• Design 4/10 It seems that simple paths and patches were carved out of a forest generated map. Not a whole lot of effort was devoted into this, rather it was the original maker or yourself. Not much eye candy here.
Total points 58/100

*Reviews for the Mod category is still being processed and will be released soon.
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The result of the Cooperative scenarios:

;1st Act I - Dark Ascension335
;2nd Art of Defence 2014272

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