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Simpsons Defend – by Black_Berry
  • Creativity 35/40 – This is certainly something amazing and hilarious at the same time. Totally different from all the other mods that are out there.
  • Ease of Play 10/40 – I don’t see many players trying this at all, because it’s not really natural to the community. It can catch the attetion of a player, who seeks different things.
  • Design 5/20 – Cartoony content is fun to look at, but too few things were changed so nothing really fits in with the surroundings, if there were cartoony terrains and more units/buildings then the design would be better.
  • Total points 50/100

RCB Fair Mod – by MeTrOiD_WeaPoN
  • Creativity 33/40 – I might be too hard on you, but I can’t give you more points, because I really like playing RCB and I know modding aswell, so I know that you could have done a lot more.
  • Ease of Play 37/40 – This mod is really good for the RCB scenario and almost everyone play with this now. It makes some things more complicated and unfamiliar, but the gameplay has improved.
  • Design 0/20 – The mod itself has no design elements in it, just pure data editing.
  • Total points 70/100

Age Perfect Expansion – by xXSpecialsoulXx
  • Creativity 40/40 – You have done almost everything that can be done with modding, you made an entire new expansion.
  • Ease of Play 37/40 – This should catch the eye of many players, especially in New Player Lobby. Should be really easy to follow the game and quickly get to know it, after all it’s RM.
  • Design 15/20 – Since the project isn’t actually complete I didn’t want to deduct points from the overall score you would receive, so I rather be more harsh on the design side. There are a lot of little details that need to be made smoother or overlooked (frame rate, shadows, sound fitting).
  • Total points 92/100

Soon followed by the reviews of other judges. Be patient!
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- Age Perfect Expansion Mod by xXSpecialsoulXx

Creativity (35/40) - I would give 40 point for this full game rework, but too much stuff took from "somewhere" without giving credits.
Ease of Play (30/40) - It can be used for many games, sadly the balance is really bad in my opinion and cannot be rated at the current stage, but it's fun to play with this mod, looking forward for changes.
Design (18/20) - It's hard to describe everything, it's changing too much elements of the game. Some language ID not correct, fires in the air, some technical errors, but that's just minor problem. Sounds need more work, lot of too loud or just not fit into the game. Consider that it's unfinished, it's a great project.
Overall: 83 from 100

- RCB Fair Mod by MeTrOiD_WeaPoN

Creativity (25/40) - This mod based on the known Rambit Castle Blood. Giving it new balances to make it more fair in various way including stats changing and civilization rework. Sadly thats all.
Ease of Play (40/40) - It's well used by the RCB community and for reason. It's doing what it supposed to do, but only suggest for RCB map(s).
Design (10/20) - As simple game mod it's worthed 10 point, but not more. With some other (extra minor visual and sounds) changing it could be more fun.
Overall: 75 from 100

- Simpsons Defend by Black_Berry

Creativity (32/40) - The base idea could be really great if it would be finished.
Ease of Play (8/40) - It's not really fit into the age of empires, but with it's own CS map could be enjoyable.
Design (5/20) - Sadly the creator stopped working on it and not updating. It have many design and technical issue.
Overall: 45 from 100
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Posted 10 January 2015 - 6:25 pm
Barrys Game Mod Reviews


Simpsons Defend – by Black_Berry

Its a decent idea. Adding new units worked well with Jurrasic maps and its something I'd like to see more of.

Ease of Play
Changing the graphics alone is not enough. To make a mod like this worth using you need to have an addictive map to play it on.

While its fun initially it will get boring quite fast without more being added to complete the experience.

Total Points


RCB Fair Mod – by MeTrOiD_WeaPoN

Using a mod for an establish map is a very good idea and is also something that has also not been exploited enough in the community. It would be nice if more people took this kind of project on to enhance gameplay in diverse maps.

Ease of Play
Start up and play. No complaints here.

Apparently I can't give points here for this, sorries!

Total Points


Age Perfect Expansion – by xXSpecialsoulXx

I am not worthy to judge this and I'd give more than full points if I could.

Ease of Play
It will be difficult to get players here to use a whole expansion after the AoFE failure.

Always room for improvement but it is brilliant already.

Total Points

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Glad to see you guys got around to this.

Although I consider the RCB map and mod to be combined, they both go off each other. Therefore you could do design based on judging the map. I completely redid it compared to the old version: RCB 2011 v2.

Anyways, to the first guy that said I could do more... be my guest. There are so many variables in terms of balancing RCB. That's the main thing I focused on compared to fancy effects you can have. It is called "Fair" mod after all. But if anyone is reading this, I no longer play. Someone should really take over editing since as duder above said more can be done. That's kind of the issue in my eyes though and one of the reasons why I have a love/hate relationship with editing the scenario and mod; it's never final.
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Posted 18 January 2015 - 1:46 pm
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Thanks to all who entered! My responses are as follows:


Simpsons Defend – by Black_Berry
• Creativity 30/40 – A unique idea; far in contrast to most mods.
• Ease of Play 10/40 – An interesting idea, but this just isn’t compatible with most of AoE, but rather a few selective maps.
• Design 1/20 – The fact that it isn’t even finished takes a huge dent in your score. There is a large lack of eye candy too.
Total points 41/100

RCB Fair Mod – by MeTrOiD_WeaPoN
• Creativity 36/40 – A very fine idea that could ignite with the right crowd in this community; having a specialized mod per map may really increase enjoyment.
• Ease of Play 30/40 – Even with all of the work put into it, the balance isn’t at its finest
• Design 13/20 – It’s hard to give a number here, as there were edited visual effects, but rather the “ground work” of information that was altered.
Total points 79/100

Age Perfect Expansion – by xXSpecialsoulXx
• Creativity 37/40 – An excellent idea that could evolve the game quite far, in a way similar to AoFE. We need ideas like this brought to the table to keep introducing new additions to the game we all dearly love to play.
• Ease of Play 33/40 – The balance is a bit off in this mod as well, but not horrifyingly so. There is always room for improvement in a mod like this, but the maker was prettywell on target.
• Design 16/20 – The new additions were pretty well designed in my opinion; though touch-ups to improve the eye candy could be added.
Total points 86/100
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Posted 24 January 2015 - 10:29 am
The result of the Game Mods:

;1st Age Perfect Expansion Mod352
;2nd RCB Fair Mod302
;3rd Simpsons Defend181

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