(2014) - Act I - Dark Ascension


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Hello my name is Gwayle, I am here to enter this contest to help a friend out who has been working alot on a saga and this would be part I or Act I. I just think this map needs a little bit more love for the work that was put into it.

Story: In Ancient times this land was ruled by a single great Empire that worshipped the Sun. Among these people there were those who worshipped the Moon, and the Darkness that sorrounds it. For untold millenia this great Empire flourished but a shadow was growing, a malevolent force swelling from within. The High Priests of the Moon conjured some great entity, a being of seemingly eternal darkness.
Before long the Empire had crumbled to something almost beyond recognition to its days of glory. There were still those who fought, brave Priests of the Sun and other great heroes stood against the tide of darkness. Among such heroes were those supposedly gifted to man by the Gods; The Mage, The Warrior and The Thief. Expertly skilled in their chosen art of war these brave heroes gave their own lives to drive the Darkness into the Moon Temple and seal it within.
But now like in ancient times, a malevolent force stirs, a creeping shadow across the land, Darkness has risen to power once again. Who will stand against such a foe, who will risk his own for what is true and right, who will step out from the light.

This is a 3 player RPG, so for you groups with more then i am sorry. This is a map that will test your wit and hopefully help you find solidarity with the people you play with; fewer trolls advised.

This is an entirely free roam RPG you might find it overwhelming to begin with, but be patient its not that hard.

There are a large number of side quests that work completely independant of the main quest. Look for a 'teal' flag near a building or person to activate.

You only get one Life, so dont be a noob.

The map was a made by 2 people but since you can transfer the memberships I think it would be fine if you gave it to either of us.

Most of the credits goes to Bone aka Vaultboy;Bonethugs n Harmony. I am the Yin to his Yang.
Hopefully you will enjoy the map and be willing to play the rest of the saga that i can hopefully convince him to complete :D

Remember to never judge a book by its cover.
DT Act I - Dark Ascension 10.scx (file size: 261.03 KB)
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Posted 31 October 2014 - 2:08 pm
[MM]Gwayle wrote:
The map was a made by 2 people
Most of the credits goes to Bone aka Vaultboy
I listed the map under his name by referring to this.
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Posted 10 November 2014 - 5:15 am
Bone stole my idea

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