+fudgie presents a Fastback Tournament consisting of 4 rounds. 2 CnR and 2 Races to decide semi final and final placings

Round 1 CnR
Meet @ Mall, 1000 pts San Francisco

Round 2 Race of Hosts Choice to be decided as we go

Round 3 Race 2 of Hosts Choice

Round 4 Cnr
Meet @ Mall, 1000 pts San Francisco

Tournament to be hosted in XGZ Tournament Lobby which can be found here >>> http://voobly.com/games/lobby/18/115 then click open lounge

No mods please, and VSYNC MUST Be on.
PS if there is a problem, take a SS. HFGL™

Tournament Starts 11pm BST 25th September 2010
Enjoy the tournament, hope to see you guys there

Sign up here >>> [You must login to view link]