This Help-Book was written by Lethargic in Rogue Spear awhile ago so i thought i would update it for any new players that might be experiencing any issues.
Rogue Spear Help Book

The game isn't that hard to fix, I'll just make a list of things some users may ask so that in the future if they ask anyone you can refer to this post as help. I'll also make a post in the Rogue Spear forum of the same thing that way you can just link them if you need.

I have included screen shots under most sections as visual aids if needed. Just click the "View" and it will show a screen shot of what you're looking for.


Win 7 with an ATI graphics card

[*]Q: Will Rogue Spear work on Windows 7 with an ATI graphics card?
[*]A: Yes there is an ATI fix now available. Please download it today if you are using an ATI video card -ATI Fix

Common Issues

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Voobly Set up

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Patches and add-ons

Game modifications

Game lag reduction

Black screen / Blocky frag smoke

Installing 2.05 patch

Windows Vista

Anti-cheat patch

Rogue Spear Wiki

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Rogue Spear On Facebook

Facebook Page

Windows10 Help

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These are the most major problems, and there are more but this should do for now. If there are any other suggestions to be added here you can post, or if anyone has another problem you can post it here and we will try our best to resolve it.

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