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=A Simple Multiplayer Guide made for newcomers by HoMeR=

<CENTER>Hey there newbie !

Welcome to Midtown Madness 2's Simple Multiplayer Guide, created FOR the fans, BY the fans!

If you want to know what Midtown Madness 2 is all about, please follow this link for more information.

Hopefully this small guide will be able to answer most (if not all) of your questions about how to fully experience the online gaming mode of MM2 to its maximum potential !

Trust us, you will LOVE this game once you enjoy the games and understand what this game has to offer!

Midtown Madness 2 is optimized for full LAN, and Internet based multiplayer gaming via the IGZ Gaming Zone for stable and competitive multiplay for up to 8 racers!

Let's start by writing down some of the game-rooms you might see on Voobly's[www.voobly.com] MM2 lobby !

==1) The "CnR" - Explained!==

The term "CnR" basically stands "Cops n Robbers". In MM2 online gaming, this concept is known for the sub-game-modes called "Robbers vs. Robbers" [2 teams, 1) Robbers 2) Cops], "Robber Teams" [Team Blue vs Team Red], or "Free-for-all" [on your own]. This is 'the' most played feature of the game since it's based upon how exciting you want it to be!

Basically, there's only ONE main objective in these types of games:

Deliver a piece of gold bar, with the help of teammates (Robbers Teams) or alone (Free-For-All) to a specific delivery point on the map.

Let me explain;

<a target='_blank' title='ImageShack - Image And Video Hosting' href='http://data.voobly.com/Images/goldbl4.jpg/'><img src='http://data.voobly.com/Images/goldbl4.jpg' border='0'/></a>
===We have one piece of gold bar.===

<CENTER><a target='_blank' title='ImageShack - Image And Video Hosting' href='http://data.voobly.com/Images/hideoutcj1.jpg/'><img src='http://data.voobly.com/Images/hideoutcj1.jpg' border='0'/></a>
===Designated Delivery Point===

Your mission is to deliver the piece of gold bar to the designated delivery point, which is spawned anywhere in the city! With the help of an easy-to-navigate city map, you can locate where the delivery points are spawned.

There are certain limits that a "host" of the game can set FOR the game. You can do lots of changes, like: changing the limits of the game (either set a time limit or points limit), changing the gold weight (because of which YOUR vehicle will become heavy once you carry the gold, meaning it will be easier for others to catch you!), changing the time of the day (noon, evening, night, morning), and the weather! (clear, foggy, cloudy, RAIN).

[Note: Before we go on, it's very important to extract and paste this important information regarding the types of CnRs in the game, its from an article posted on the above given link.


Free-for-all: All bets are off! A fat gold bar sits unguarded somewhere in the city. Use the online map to find it, then deliver it to your hideout using any unlocked vehicle (the hosts record determines which vehicles are unlocked). Once you drop it off, another gold bar appears somewhere, and the match continues. The more gold you deliver without being intercepted by thieves, the more points you earn.

While you are delivering gold to your hideout, watch out for thieves (other human opponents) who may try to ram you and knock the gold out of your car. Once the gold is lying on the street, anyone can snatch it by driving over it.

Cops vs. Robbers: That fat gold bar sits unguarded somewhere in the city. Use the online map to find it. If you are a cop, use your Ford Mustang Police Cruiser to deliver it safely to the bank. If you are a robber, use a Ford Mustang GT to bring it to your hideout. In either case, another gold bar appears after you deliver the first one, and the match continues. The more gold you deliver, the more points you earn individually and as a member of a team of cops or team of robbers.

Of course, you could just ram your opponents to get them to drop their treasure, then snatch the gold and run for it.

[People do not play the above game mode a lot, due to the vehicles used]

Robbers vs. Robbers: Robbers vs. Robbers is like Cops vs. Robbers, except you can choose any unlocked vehicle, not just a Police Car or the Mustang GT.

Robber Teams: This game mode enables 2 teams of any vehicles desired. Play, defend, block, run, and deliver!


==1a) The "CnR" - Vehicle CnRs!==

People use different vehicles to play CnR games! You don't HAVE to play the ones people are already playing, thanks to the wide selection of cars! But, people have played this game for a long time, and have experienced driving different vehicles, due to which people have come up with teams/clans driving a particular vehicle only.

Some famous vehicle CnRs you might find, are:





Pro CnR (In this game mode, people can drive all the default vehicles, and drive with each other, except CityBus and GTR-1)

Individual vehicle CnR's are made to develop your driving to its maximum potential. Why? Because in this game-mode, there are no teams, no support, no partner. You have to do the work yourself, and use the opportunity that others MAKE for you indeliberately. The people who play these games are the people who; the community calls; "1337"(elite) drivers. They require no support to drive, they depend on themselves. There are also teams which "carry" 1337 drivers.

Here's an example of a gameplay:

First of all, game settings.

*Text Version*

4 players are playing a Pro CnR Game.

Vehicle being used is GTR-1.

There's a limit

2nd player and 3rd player is chasing the 1st player carrying the gold.

You are the 4th player behind the 3.

It takes 1st player to drop the gold. 2nd player to HIT the 1st player. 3rd player misses the gold.

And there you are the 4th player approaching the gold.

Snatch it, and run away (if you can dodge your opponents that is )

Here are some amazing videos which you can see, are created by gamers, displaying the fun in-game action!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWO80FMBkZc - created by Beaztt

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eII3f5mEr_o - Music video by EuroLi7e (Alex)

==1b) The "CnR" - Robber Teams - "Vehicle Team CnR"!==

This is another famous gameplay that is played and appreciated a LOT. The biggest community playing this type of game feature is the CityBus community. There are teams dedicated to playing this type of game. CityBus CnR is a game mode that you will see a lot on Voobly lobby. Its basically Robber Teams game-mode, but only using ONE vehicle, City Bus.

This is what a usual game would look like.

Game Settings:

*2 Teams.

*2 Colours.

*Red and Blue.

This video will show you how to play CityBusCnR Teams.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHrxrX8mh5k - thanks to Jupiter

One thing to remember, when you are in ONE team, you are supposed to defend the team, not hit the team member. AND, choose the right coloured bus. If the team is blue, then you select a blue bus. If the team is red, you select a red bus. As simple as that.

Since we are talking about teams, BBD's RuFFRyd3r came up with a MM2 tribue video displaying the NUMBER of teams that MM2 has had over the years. So if you're interested follow the next link.


2) Other Game Modes


Cruise: You get to driver around the city of your choice, be it San Francisco or London with upto 8 players! Take a drive across the Golden Gate Bridge, or check out other famous places around the city. Or take a drive around London and visit Big Ben or Tower of London. You can even take a trip down under - meaning underground! Tear through the London underground, just be careful of the trains. Cruise allows you to test out the cars without having any constraints in terms of having to complete a course within a set amount of time.

Blitz: Similar to the checkpoint game but this time it is just you by yourself against the clock. These blitz games tend to be very fast paced and need precision driving to get you through them. In online mode, you can go against other players as well.

Checkpoint: Checkpoint games are great fun, they require you to compete against other computer controlled drivers (or online players in multiplayer mode) and battle through a number of checkpoints in a vehicle of your choice.

Circuit: Challenge other drivers on short lap based courses. Beginning off easy and ending up with some very hard to master courses this one will last you a while. You can play this online as well.


To find several downloads [like cities, addons, vehicles, races], visit the following links:

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[You must login to view link] - MM's Archive, great site!

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Hope you have fun playing this amazing game, for further questions, please visit Voobly forums [http://www.voobly.com/forum]

Drive safe!

- HoMeR

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