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delightful terrains NO SnOw

by Dedpool - 287 downloads

Looking to improve your gameplay experience? or you just got bored with the old vanilla look? Here is the new "Delightful terrains" to make your game look more delightful and colorful ;grin


Creation date : 31/12/2016

Update log:

- 01/01/2017 :
* new sand and dirt textures
* lighter grass textures

-03/01/2017 :
* smoother water textures
* sharper grass textures

-04/01/2017 :
* updated shallow texture
* flat dirt texture

-07/01/2017 :
* updated shallow texture

ps :you need to uncheck all other terrain mods to use this mod ( like light grid terrains , grid no snow .... etc ) .

if you want the grid version of this mod check " delightful Grid terrains NO SnOw"

For the ultra light grid version check " Ultra Light Delightful grid no snow"

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Feedback is welcome ;flowers
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