Voobly Map Pack (Updates/changes)


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Age of Empires II: The Conquerors - CS Map Pack

Now the Custom Scenarios used for rated games can be downloaded and installed through the Voobly mod system. There are many advantages to installing the Map Pack this way:



  • Quick & Easy install
  • Removes old/outdated maps
  • No files to copy and replace
  • You no longer need to search for the Map Pack page


Cba and Cba Hero

  • =V= CBAv16.scx
  • =V= CBAv16 1v1.scx
  • =V= CBA Hero AC V10.scx

Castle Blood

  • =V= 10th Legion CB v2.scx
  • =V= BYO CB v2.scx
  • =V= CBF - NoTower.scx
  • =V= CBF - Tower.scx
  • =V= CB Massacre v1,7.scx
  • =V= CBX v6.scx
  • =V= EXCALIBUR VIII 3v3.scx
  • =V= Kings Conquest III.scx
  • =V= Mini CB Classic v4.scx
  • =V= Mini CB Store 3v3.scx
  • =V= Mini CB Store v5.scx
  • =V= Mini CB Store V12.scx
  • =V= Nomad CB Kirazy.scx
  • =V= RCB Gold 2011 v4.scx
  • =V= RCB 2013 F6.scx


  • =V= Archers Blood v3.scx
  • =V= Bens 1v1 Smosh.scx
  • =V= Chaos Blood v2.scx
  • =V= Deathrow v5.scx
  • =V= Dome Blood - Hero v3.scx
  • =V= Germs Blood.scx
  • =V= Grave Blood.scx
  • =V= Gwarz v4.scx
  • =V= Herofest v2.scx
  • =V= Khans Blood 4P.scx
  • =V= Khans Blood v2.scx
  • =V= King Moves v1.scx
  • =V= Path Blood v4.scx
  • =V= Smosh SF v3.scx
  • =V= Spider Blood v3.scx
  • =V= Spider Blood 1v1.scx
  • =V= Veteran Blood v4.scx
  • =V= WoA.scx


  • =V= Archers Hellfire.scx
  • =V= ACS Dodgeball v5.scx
  • =V= Ancient TDA v4.scx
  • =V= Art Of War.scx
  • =V= Art Of War No BBT.scx
  • =V= Crusades Blood.scx
  • =V= Daze Blood v6.scx
  • =V= Desert Blood.scx
  • =V= Diamond Blood v3.scx
  • =V= Dodgeball (Teams) v8.scx
  • =V= Europe 2v2.scx
  • =V= Europe Random.scx
  • =V= Fury Blood v3.scx
  • =V= King of Towers.scx
  • =V= Line Wars AC.scx
  • =V= Hold The Flag 2,6.scx
  • =V= Lustful Encounters v7.scx
  • =V= Nova Blood.scx
  • =V= Path B H v3.scx
  • =V= Pool Blood.scx
  • =V= Radical Blood 4P v2.scx
  • =V= Radical Blood 8P v2.scx
  • =V= Riot Blood.scx
  • =V= Roll The Dice v10.scx
  • =V= Sharp Blood.scx
  • =V= Small Blood.scx
  • =V= Soldier Store Accel.scx
  • =V= Soldier Store 8P v2.scx
  • =V= Teams TD II v4.scx
  • =V= Teutonic Blood v2.scx
  • =V= Tower Wars v8.scx
  • =V= TTF Short.scx
  • =V= Veteran BloodBvsG v2.scx
  • =V= World Map.scx
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Edited 4 September 2013 - 10:11 am by ['RB']blurrryface
CBAv13 added
CBA Hero AC V8 added

The 1v1 anti camp triggers have been added to the V13 version of CBA.
V11 does not support 1v1 anti camp.

The triggers are designed so that the Anti-Camp system will ONLY be activated for 1v1's.
The usual 10 kills for 3 mins and 30 mins for treb goes into effect.
take the treb in ur base u lose it.

trebs CANT be blocked either in V8 of heroes. V6 can still be blocked.

Other various fixes were applied also.

V6 will likely be removed once V8 has been released for a bit.
CBAv11 will likely be removed also.
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Updated =V= CBA v15.scx
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Posted 3 November 2013 - 3:04 am
  • =V= CBAv16.scx
  • =V= CBAv16 1v1.scx

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