=AoC DM Hotkeys Part 1 of the DM CooKiEs Guide !=


Main Points
Use hot keys. [Default hot keys limit your potential. ]
"Go To Commands" add to speed in mid/late game.
Utilize the mouse wheel. You can scroll down four times before you click twice.
Screen resolution should be on highest it can possibly go.
Scroll speed should be high.

Main Hot keys

The Mouse wheels Is OFTEN used by Experts... it's an extra boost which is easy to use...Some Hot keys aren't there ... im just posting the "REQUIRED ONES" For the rest you can use your own.

Actually, if i think about it, You can use your own set of hot keys as long you're fast with it, the only thing i think is really required is the mouse wheel.

Pressing on the Mouse Wheel Should Be Your "Go to Town Center Hot key"

In Your Town Center .. You Should Create Villagers With "Mouse Wheel Down" ( Scroll Down To Create Villagers)
Example: At the start .. If you want to make 5 Stables ...Your going to queue up your town center With villagers (Press Middle Mouse Wheel Then Scroll Down With Mouse Wheel ....)

Then You Press T ( Go To Idle Villi)

Then Press R ( Military building Section)

Then C (Build a Stable)

If You Want to Make A COUPLE of stables without going through ( T , R, C) Again, you need to hold the shift button down while pressing C


We all know holding shift while building things will allow us to build more than one at time, but what happens when you use it when building units? It creates more than one at a time (Shift makes 5 units at a time)! The difference between pressing 15 times and 3 times


Patrol is a command (hot key Z) that tells your units to walk back and forth between two spots. When they see an enemy, they immediately attack it. This is very helpful when attacking because if you patrol to their enemy base, you know for sure they'll see an enemy. Patrol is more effective than just telling a group of units to attack one unit.

I use patrol most of the time.


AoC DM Speed ! 2nd Part of the DM CooKiEs Guide !

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