=AoC DM Units 3rd Part of the CooKiEs DM Guide !=


Main Points
Speed topic below.
Use counter units and expect them to use counter units.
Don't save resources.
"What to Build..." topic under "All units have their place" heading.
Start with Stables or Barracks.
Clumping is obsolete (bad).
Topics like "Anti-Huns" are more important than topics like "Huns"


Speed is important because 40 champs against 30 champs.. 20 will survive, not 10. Just a few more units could make the difference between winning a battle and losing.

This is the 2vs1 Rule ... ( 2 Pals vs 1 Pal ... The lonely paladin will die without killing any of the 2 paladins)

Counters Units

When I put together my initial army, I try to counter all the counters within that army.. Lost? OK, i start with camels. Halbadiers will counter camels, so i need a counter for halbadiers. That's why i build hand cannoneers. The guy will probably add arbs to his army if he can... His halbadier/ arbalest army will deal with my camels fairly quickly leaving my guns (hand cannoneers) to be eaten by his arbs. If i added champs to my army, his arbs might pick them off, but i'll deal with the halbadiers quicker and lose less camels.. then my camels will attack the archers while the champs walk up and slaughter them! So, now we have a good solid army.

Camels, Champs, and Gunz! A lot of scorpions would deal with this, but I attack before he can even start to build siege (siege builds very slowly). AND, I can sell wood at the market because this army doesn't use wood. There are a couple more counter to all these units. Castles and towers. If we add rams to the army, we can take any army... Our rams might even catch some of the archer's arrows.

This is one of my favourite combinations when rushing. Turks and Saracens have this combo. Try the patrol rush with it, and castle/tower on top of the guy.


Think of resources as worthless until you use them to buy something. They have no value or purpose in resource form. You have to convert them into military before they benefit you. SO. Turn your resources into military! Don't ever save gold of food or wood... Use them all, and try to run out evenly. Let's say you're Saracens and have a lot of wood left over. Sell it if it's useless as wood... If you have 12k wood (no gold or food), and the price is 17 at market, that could be 1.7k gold and 2k wood, which is more valuable than just 12k wood... So, Never die with resources!

Sometimes resources determine what you build. If you're out of gold. Make halberdier or pikes! even if they're fighting champs. Instead of your gold units dying, you're non-gold units will take the hits, so you can save your good units. Let's say you're doing a goth war, and you have a bunch of hand cannons left over, but no gold. He sends champs to go kill them. Instead of reaching your hand cannons though, the champs are stopped by... halberdier. The champs of course rape them, but you don't lose any hand cannons!

Here's a final thought. dying with 2k gold is dying. Dying with 0 gold is dying... Might as well use it and see what happens.


Halbadier- Sweet Unit because they don't cost gold, and if gold units are killing halbadiers They're not killing your gold units. That's why they're so great when you're lacking gold.
Champs- Great when you're attacking other infantry or you're low on wood.

Skirmishers- Skirms suck. They're effective against archers, right? Who is going to just build archers? Skirmishers attack the closest unit to you. That means that if they have paladins and horse archers, ALL the paladins have to die before it will even shoot at a horse archer! The only time I can justify building them is if you're using them to protect gold units or you have no gold. Say... you're mayans or britts. You're castle units build slow, and you all ready have archers so you build skirms. You stay at pop and since skirms have less range, they stand in front of the bowmen/plumes. That means the skirms dye first, and you're good units stay alive killing longer. They're kinda like decoys!

Hand Cannons- Expensive for what you get.. They're weak, and if I can avoid building them, I do. Instances where they're good to build.. When the other person is building infantry that are effective against archers. Hand Cannons rape Eagles and Husks while Arbs do not.

Arbalests- If I need range quick, I will build Arbs. However, in the middle of the game, they lose their effectiveness.

Heavy Calvary Archers- I realize huns made this popular for other civs, but.. NO. Personally, I think they're only good for killing trade. At 70 gold, I'd rather build a Scorp.

Hussar- Hussars are good to takes attacks when you're using a civ that demands lots of gold and wood, but little food. For example: Mongols and Koreans.

Paladin- Many people are confused about the purpose of Paladins. Why build a unit that isn't really effective against anything but so many things are effective against it? Well, enough paladins with some kind of range behind will kill any army, and when another unit is produced, kill it before your enemy can mass units. We all know what happens when a large army is sitting right next to our military producing buildings. They don't die but all your units do. Paladins great at putting someone in this situation. 4 Halbadiers might take down a paladin, but how many halbadiers does it take to kill 4 paladins attacking 1 halbadier at a time?

Camel- Camels are the best anti-paladin. If you're saracens, they can even take the place of a paladin!

Scorpions- I like Scorpions, but they're not good in the beginning of the game. Building them will get you killed! In mid game though.. If you put them next to a castle on defensive mode. They rock. It might even be wise to build a castle where your Scorpions are going to be. Pay close attention to enemy colour on the mini map while you're moving scorps though.

Rams- Rams take range like it's nothing. The more aggressive you are, the more rams you should make..

Onagers- One disadvantage is that you can't patrol them. That's why they're best for defence and taking out range.

Trebuchets- Great when rams can't get the job done...

What To Build

What I build is mostly dependant on what I have resource-wise. It's a good idea to run out of all resources evenly. That means, If you're Franks and have 1k stone, 5k gold, 8k wood, and 6k food. Build 100 villagers, 15 paladins, almost 50 scorps, a few halbadiers, a couple Trebs, 2 Castles to protect Scorps, and some barracks and stables by farms (help protect).
That leaves me at pop (assuming I have some army and 20 villagers from start left over) with a nice sized military. It also leaves me with a booming and protected economy. What I don't have are resources (no stone, gold, wood, or food), but by the time my military dies, I bet I do...

Your Turn

Think of other ways you could spend those resources with other civilisations and run out evenly. It's hard with those high numbers... Good thing I usually only have 1k of each resource!

These are my personal settings, but remember.. I almost always like to rush, and squander resources...

Way point rush with eagle warrior.
Build Champs or Pikes (whatever counters) and Arbs in back. Patrol in.
Castle on top, and make trebs to treb buildings.
Rams of course too!
Sell wood, a little food, and 1k stone.
Start with 4-5 Barracks, 2-3 Castles, 5-6 Archery Ranges, Siege Shops.

Start with Champs or halbadiers or both..
Make archery's and produce Arbs
Patrol in. If they get raped. Stop....
Make maximum number of castles with 2 villagers on each.. Keep producing arbs and champs
Sell Food, a little wood. Mine stone too.
Late game.. Long Bows and Onagers.with plenty of trebs to knock down buildings quick. Only use melee units to kill rams. Long Bows kill onagers...

This civ is hilarious simply because it's like, one of the most dumb ass civs of the game, i don't think there's millions of way to play them, just watch against what you're playing, go with halbadiers Arbalets, Camels if you're playing against a Cavalry civ, if you're playing against an infantry civ, just go with Cathas, Arbalets, Ram's, Champ's, against sieges.. nothing really to do.. either kill him fast with paladins rush and tower on top of it.. other then that you're pretty much screwed.

I like to start with 2 stables even though they paladins are 2nd rate..
Then Barracks, then castles, and woads. I of course patrol these units in with rams...
What about scorps? Scorps produce slow, so producing them in early game might get you killed. The disadvantage with making paladins and building up before building scorps is that you lose resources... But wait... We got villagers to get those... Anyway, the rush fails, but gives you time to build scorps and economy.
Celts are easy, and a very strong civ. Economy is nice because you can run out of resources evenly... I always like to collect wood, farm, and mine at same time....

3-4 Barracks, 2-3 Stables, 4-5 Castles should be you're usual Chinese start, Chinese is an awesome civ, there's not millions of way to play them, as long you make tons of chu ko nus and no scorps at all.

2 villagers on a barracks. 1 villager on house. Make Huskarls. Make more barracks, and most villagers on houses. Produce all huskarls, and way point them in to kill villagers, especially house villagers. If you have men back there, keep them there waiting for villagers. While they wait they can knock down a house.
Market. Sell Wood, and 1k Stone
Castle on top of them, and make siege workshops. make onagers, and some scorps because you'll be running low on food.. the scorps will be fine sitting by castles and protecting trebs. The reason i hate scorps is that they're hard to attack with.. They always seem to get raped but if they dont' move and they just kill stuff attacking trebs.. it's all good.
IF you can. IF... IF the guy isn't good, and you've got a bunch of husks still alive at his base. DESTROY the TC.. That will totally screw him over.
If someone clumps, attack TC if you can.. If you can't: barracks or siege workshop. Not house because 2 wall tiles will cover the house... Goths rape clump.
I prefer this strategy because killing them quick is always good.

Most people suck with Huns. They're too good though...
Produce Paladins, Cav Archers, and Rams. Build Barracks too ( 4 Stables,5 Barracks, 9 Archery Camps Will Do IT)
Market. Sell wood, food, and 1.5k stone. ( You Can Use it or NOT)
Way point 2 stables to kill villagers.
Patrol Army in. Build TC's everywhere. Castle on top of him.
Game Over

Anti Huns
Make paladins or camels and halbadiers if you can. Onagers are good too. Build in a semi clump. Protect villagers the best you can.
Castles to plug the holes in your semi clump. 3 villagers to castle should do. Make it congested to protect villagers.
STOP THE PATROL!! If he's not patrolling. he's a newb, and you can stop him by yourself. Take a way point from a stable or something. and put it on his base. It will slow him down giving you the advantage.
PREVENT MARKET!! Even if you dont' need it or it might hurt you. Try to market before him, and sell. The bad prices will force him to produce halbadiers.
Doing these things, and a tad bit of help from your partner could stop the Huns.
Goths are the only counter civ to huns. Chinese are ok.. If you're Saracens, He'll just make more halbadiers and you'll be screwed...

Franks are weird... You have to accept that they can counter everything you build, and press on anyway.
If he builds camels, counter with Paladins and halbadiers.
If he builds halbadiers, counter with Paladins and Axes.
Castle **** middle and keep pressing on. I always seem to build a lot of trebs with franks because i used lots of food, and mine lots of gold.
Farm early!

They have good infantry and good archers and good trebs.
They have horrible economy techs.
Go for Arbalest, Champs For Start ( Then jump to Samurai, Arbalest, Onagers...)

Koreans are slow.. start with halbadiers or Champs.
Castle early, in semi clump.
Make lots of War Wagons, and Onagers.
Market. Sell Food

Anti Korean
Rush, and rush hardcore with everything you got.
If you don't, you're dead anyway.

Mayans are the easiest civ to be good with.
Eagles and Plumes and Rams.
I like to way point their base to kill villagers with a couple of barracks.
Market. Sell Food/Wood. Mine stone with about 5 villagers.
TC as much gold as you can. Worry about wood later..

Start with Camels.
Make rax too. Build champs in case he patrols halbadier in.
Castle early. Mangs rock.
Mangs, Onies, Rams, and some Hussars, and maybe some champs are a bad ass combo.
I recommend mining stone with a few villagers.

I think we all know Persians and have our own personal preferences with them... I'm here to say it doesn't matter..
Farm and TC's early.
Sell wood. Mine stone.

Anti Persians
There is only one effective way to fight persians. halbadier and scorps.. and plenty of each. Would i build scorps if i didn't have heavy scorpions? Yes.. but i'd build more halbadier. Make sure you have over 10 barracks, and about 10 siege workshops. Replenishing your units quickly will save you.
Get right up close to him, so when he starts to attack. you're halbadier and scorps are waiting for him... Wait for him to attack. Maybe use a treb to draw him in. Let him tire himself out while you build your economy. Then bring in the trebs, and end it.
Put Paladins or Hussars near spots ideal for persians to farm. No Food = No Elephants.

Saracens + Turks
I play Saracens and Turks very much the same. Read Goblins titbit.. The only difference is that i tower instead of castle on top of them with turks.
I also sell stone with turks. WHAT?! Sure. why not? Tower cost 1/5 the stone of castles. That = instant gold for something I can mine later. I was never good at tower whoring anyway.

Spanish are like Turks with Paladins and a bit more speed.
I patrol rush with this civ as well. Read Goblin's counter units, and just replace paladins with camels. Spanish also have halbadier which i like to build as well...

I don't like Teuts.
I start with 2 stables and go to barracks after that (Patrol Stuff). Bring Scorps, Onagers, Teut Knights [Once you have a decent economy )
Most people build Scorps with Teuts. I will if I'm low on my food... When i castle on top of the guy, I also build siege workshops for onies. I will however produce a few scorps if they're not busy...
I make a ton of halbadiers with Teuts. I also make skirms if he's making archers.. which is rare because I don't like skirms.
Teutonic Knight's always seem to die. I don't know why... I still make them even though they're expensive.
Economy early.

Vikings are the No. 1 underestimated civ. If you opponent is building halbadiers (most Koreans).. That's the Green Light to rush! Make lots of buildings with vikings, specifically barracks in beginning. Produce Champs, and patrol them in.
Champs, Arbs, and Rams make a good, cheap combo, so you can keep the rushing going... Set up your economy while you're rushing. Castle on top of them.
Most people make scorps with vikes. I don't like scorps... but if the situation calls for it. i will.


AoC DM Economy ! 4th Part of the CooKiEs DM Guide !

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