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Mains Points

Have about 8 Town Centers.
Helps to spend less time doing economy.
Helps protect against raiding.
Creates a huge economy quicker.
Economy does not come before making military.
Economy is not more important than speed.
Economy does come before micro-management. That's why you are allowed to do economy during battles.
All civs need at least 100 villagers. Expensive civs require 150.
Dedicating too much time (consecutively) to economy is bad.

When To Start Your Economy

Since this site started.. the most common question I get is, "When do I start economy?" A simple question... that annoys the hell out of me because I usually start before 5 min (F11 for game time), and if a newb starts before 5 min, they're not going to build enough military buildings. Then the game won't even go down to economy. Make sure you don't do that. Most rookie games are not demanding enough to start it in 5 min.

Another question I get is, "Should I start to farm if I only have X amount of food?" I don't have a set amount, and having one will not help you. I farm when I am using food and my villagers start to come out. They'll be chopping wood or getting gold and I'll make them farm even if I have 4k food and 200 gold.

Keep in mind, 100 villagers costs 5k of food.

Quick Drill

Get a partner to do this with. Both of you be hunz. Start off by hitting pop as quick as you can. 5:30 sec is a good time to hit pop at. That's not the vital part of the exercise though. After you're done hitting pop, build 8 more tc's, and castles around economy. Ghost build the farms. After the tc's are built, fill the tc's up and put a way point on them so you don't have to mess with this villa loin that. Now, the villagers won't come out because you're at pop.. so, send your units to die. Let them kill each other (don't attack enemy city).

Keep building units, and what you'll notice is that you are able to keep building units! You're economy should take care of itself. Now you know what you have to do in a real game, while opponent is coming at you.

Of course, you can't just spend that much time on economy, making it perfect, so... start building tc's before you're at pop. And while patrolling units in, the patrol command will take care of the military strategy for you, and you can tend your economy. Watch down loaded game recordings on lock view. All xtreme's do this.

Mass Farms = BAD
A big mistake i see people make is that they're busy with their military. They're micro'ing it like a pro... Then they realize they have to food, so they spend a good amount of time building mass farms. Then they turn around, and all their scorps got picked off by halbs or an onie while their were moving. Another thing people do is stop attacking and hide behind their castles for 5 min while they set it up.

Here's what to do. you're watching army.. you're watching army... every thing's doing ok.. build 5 farms with wood/gold villies. flip back to battle. All your camels died, pull the hand cannons behind castles. make sure camels and champs are being produced. click battle.. every thing's peachy. position your rams... ok, build 5 more farms. patrol in. build 5 farms.

I like to think of my starter army as a sacrifice to get eco running. A failed rush should not be devastating. You have eco. His was slower.. Both of you took losses...

The Arts Of Farming

Although this may seem incredibly elementary, do not be deceived. There are too few players out there who build farms to their ultimate potential in both speedy collect ability and safety. Food is the hardest resource to collect in AoC because it requires the most effort. Because of the effort required, people often half-ass their farming. Do not fall victim. There are two aspects of successful farming:

1) decreased villager walking distance
2) increased farmer safety

To accomplish these goals, there are two ways to approach farming:
1) like a DMer
2) like a RMer

Like a DMer: Have your villager(s) lay a Town Center and surround it with farms in a tight circle. Once this setup is lain, queue your villagers and set the gathering point on unused farms. Repeat this set-up to create a farmland with multiple TCs for defence and very little walking distance. Place castles, walls, buildings nearby as needed. The advantage of farming this way is that it is easy to set up, and very effective.

Like a RMer: As your villagers begin coming out of your TCs on wood, gold, and stone (ie, the easy resources to collect) begin highlighting handfuls of villagers and laying farms down individually by your town centers. Continue doing this all throughout your town. Defend as needed . The advantage of farming this way is that your base can be set perfectly and your farms can be extremely well protected.

Personally, I attempt to combine both methods together. I consider the "Like a DMer" method to be easiest, while the "Like a RMer" method is more advanced. Top DMers L_Clan_Bender (Lance) and VN_Loc (nR_AuDiGy) display the fusion of these two methods at their finest.


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