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Adding support for a new language to the Voobly application

Adding a new language is very simple, just follow the steps below! If you have trouble feel free to make a post on the Voobly forums.


Directory Structure

The language files are stored in "reslang" in the Voobly client directory (normally "C:Program Files\Voobly\res\lang" or "C:Program Files (x86)\Voobly\res\lang". Note "English" does not require any language files as the client is natively in English.

To add a new language create a new directory in lang. Once that's done restart the client and you should see the language in the general settings tab.


Translating the client

Once you add the directory, switch over to the language you added and run the client.

After the client launches it will create a new file for each category of text, for example, there will be a "Messenger-missing.txt". A missing file is created for when a translation file for that group cannot be found. So initially, you will have a missing file for every group because you haven't created any yet!

To start translating, rename the file and removing "-missing" from the name, so for example, "Messenger-missing.txt" rename as "Messenger.txt". To translate you edit that file, the file contents are:
English Text|||Translated text

So to translate Hello you could do :


To make sure you don't miss anything you can look at the other translations. Spanish at one point was the most complete.

Submit your language pack

Did you add support for a new language? Let us know! We can include it in a future update!


View it at http://www.voobly.com/forum/view/604

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