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To prevent the units from getting to the other side(like warrior defence)
You must make towers to shoot off the enemy troops before they reach the other side. You can use one of two types, Regular towers, or Bombard Towers

How the game works

As said earlier the units attempt to reach the other side. If they reach the other side you lose life off of your health meter, which will heal over a period of time. If your health meter hits zero then you lose. Every time you leak (let one unit get to the other side) you lose 1000 hp off of your life meter in this game, which starts with 15000.

FFA style map.

How do i upgrade towers?

As time goes on the levels will get harder and harder, faster units or more HP (Hit points) on the units. If they get stronger than your units must also correct? And for this we have our lovely store :)

Features in Store

This is a list of every item in the store
+4 Attack Power (1 king)
+10 Attack Power (2 kings)
+25 Attack Power (4 kings)
+50 Attack Power (7 kings)
+100 Attack Power (12 kings)
+170 Attack Power (18 kings)
+320 Attack Power (30 kings)
+400 Attack Power (Bombard Towers only) (18 kings)
+700 Attack Power (50 kings)
+3 Attack Power every 30 seconds (10 kings)
+1 Attack Power every 30 seconds (8 kings)
+1 Attack Power every 5 seconds (15 kings)
2000 Wood (1 king)
20 extra relics (5 kings)
1000 Gold every 2 minutes (6 kings)
450 Gold every 2 minutes (3 kings)
175 Gold every 2 minutes (1 king)
800 Stone every 2 minutes (6 kings)
250 stone every 2 minutes (3 kings)
1500 stone (1 king)
Castle Age (1 king)
Imperial Age (1 king)
Left Accursed Tower with +1000 Attack Power (1 king)
Right Accursed Tower with +1000 Attack Power (1 king)
Two building Villagers (1 king)
Two resource Villagers (1 king)
Three Trade Carts (1 king)
Three Trade Cogs (1 king)
Three Relics (1 king)
Caste (20 more population) (1 king)
20 more population (1 king)
King every 2.5 min (13 kings)
King every 1 min (21 kings)
Third Row of Towers to build on (2 kings)
Fourth Row of Towers to build on (3 kings)
Villager to repair health meter (10 kings)

Now that you have seen all of the features in the store, you probably wonder how do you get all of these great items :o Well by now you must have figured out that it uses a king system. They way the Tower Defense works is either every 2500, 3500, or 5000 gold you will get a king in the store to use at your disposal. You also get a free king every level that you complete and you also get another king for every 100 kills.

How do i get gold?

How do i get gold?
There are 5 methods to getting gold in this scenario.
1) Use the market.
2) Use relics.
3) Use villagers.
4) Use trade carts.
5) Use trade cogs.

The other resources are similar, stone, wood, and food you can get from the market, or villagers. EACH resource has a bonus if you reach the end. Once you reach the bonus you get unlimited resources so that you will never run out.
Gold bonus = 10000 Gold
Stone bonus = 3000 Stone
Food bonus = 1000 Food

There are a total of 10 level in this tower defense. It is a FFA (Free-for-all) style. There are 7 total players and the computer [player 8]. You can transfer villagers between builder's area and resource area, as well as side to side across the build area.


Civis chosen in ancient td are
Preferred by most players ;weights
reason- you get 200 pop from start ;thumbup
defect-caravan disabled ;thumbdown


Not good for long game ;thumbdown
positive point-you get two ACCURSED TOWERS from start(you save two kings),more ap of towers ;thumbup
defect-you don't get 200 pop(you have to spend kings to increase pop) ;thumbdown
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not picked by many players ;thumbdown
positive point-towers have more ap from start,stone miners work faster(faster stone bonus) ;thumbup
defect-you don't get 200 pop(you have to spend kings to increase pop) ;thumbdown
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picked by pro players ;1st
positive point-your main tower gets more hp (better for you if you survive till end) ;thumb up
defect-you don't get 200 pop(you have to spend kings to increase pop) ;thumb down


you can play this map with different settings but the settings which are mostly prefered are
resources :high
game speed :fast
map :all visible
age :post imperial
victory :standard
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What to do when the game starts?

As soon as the game starts
  1. press CTRL+M it guides to directly to market then press CTRL+1 que a few trade carts.
  3. Then press CTRL+D it guides you directly to dock then press CTRL+2 que a few trade cogs
    after this
  4. Press "," (comma) this will guide you to monks,put the relics in then again press "," you will be guided to the king ;king .Send your king for 3relics flag and garrison the relics in monastery.
  5. Press "."(fullstop),you will be guided to idle villagers.Send 2 villagers from left side to resources side by sending them towards flag.
  6. Bring 1 villager form right side to left side(by sending it towards flag).So now you have 2 villagers on either side
  7. Start making towers form extreme right side on both sides(this is what i prefer).
    screen shot [You must login to view link]
  8. Now go to resources side.Remove villagers from food and put them on stone/gold.
    people do different combinations like
    2 vills on tree,4 on gold,4 on stone OR 4 on gold,6 on stone
    i prefer 2 vills on tree,2 on gold,rest on stone
  9. make sure that you are creating trade carts/cogs side by side.Just press "1" make trade carts,press "2" and make trade cogswhat else could be easier way to make trade carts than this.

How to use kings and other stuff

  1. Keep sending kings for 3 relics flag until your monastery is full.Make sure that it is full before or on 12th minute..Delete the monks after all 20 relics are garrisoned(to save population).
  2. Buy at least 1 accursed tower(fat tower :P) if you don't want to get trampled by elephants which come at 15th minute(1 king)
  3. Wait for 5 kings and go for 20 relics for 5 kingswhich is in bottom right corner of the map
    i get 5 kings till 15th minute
    want the easiest way to garrison relics??
    click on a monk press CTRL+3.Click on another monk press CTRL+4.
    then just press "3" pick up a relic garrison it.Do the same by pressing 4.
    delete monks are all relics are in.
  4. Buy the second accursed tower(1 king)
  5. Buy 2000 wood for trade carts.(1 king)Don't stop making trade carts at any point in the map.
  6. By the 21th minute you should have reached the stone bonus(if not,you need to give more attention on stone mining).Send few vills from resources area to building area and make towers.
  7. Now take the 10 kings tower upgrade(+3 ap every 30 seconds).
    if you dont take this,you will be trolled by elite berseks :P(my best time is 24th minute)
  8. I don't so 8 kings research,it doesn't help much.
  9. Gather 15 kings(for +1 ap every 5 seconds)(my best time for this upgrade 35th minute)
  10. Your building space might be full.Go and buy extra space(2 kings).Then buy stone,wood.Keep trading and making towers.
  11. Buy the fourth row space (3 kings).Buy stone and finish all towers as fast as possible.
  12. Building towers finished??.Till now you must have reached gold bonus(if not,then plz give attention to gold mining).Bring all villagers to resource area and put all of them on gold mining.
  13. After this i gather 21 kings for 1 king every minute.
  14. I consider 13 kings(1 kings every 2.5 minute) as a waste,because by the time i gather 13 kings,time is near about 50th minute.and i don't get any profit from that upgrade.An ancient td game does not last more than 1hour 28 minutes.
    Did not understand what i meant?
    no problem bro,I will explain in detail
    suppose you take 13 kings at 50th minute
    you will get 1 king in 2.5 minute,2 kings in 5 minutes,4 kings in 10 minutes,8 kings in 20 minutes,12 kings in 30 minutes.
    12 kings in 30 minutes?? lol
    i think i invested 13 kings and in return i got only 12 kings back.
    now you must have understood,why i consider it as a waste.
  15. After 21 kings,wait for 50 kings(+700 ap of towers).You must get 50 kings before 1 hour 10 minute.
    done the upgrade once?? what to do now?? ;sulk
    DO IT AGAIN ;lol
  16. Buy the repair villager(10 kings).After buying,click the villager press CTRL+3 don't ask why just press.I'll explain it later.

    How to check how much ap towers have gained overall

    Its very simple,just go to your main tower(near sea) click on it and see your attack power.

    How to make game harder at any time

    HOST can make the game harder at any point in the map,by deleting two outposts which are little below the main accursed towers...if host deletes those outposts it researches SQUIRES and HUSBANDRY for p8(enemy)
    and they move FASTER.

    The real game starts NOW

    At 1 hour 26 minute,when master of templars come with their huge hp.
    This is where i loose my 90% of matches ;sad4 even when i have high ap of towers than my enemy,strange isn't it? ;lol
    Before the templars arrive,count your number of kings and rush towards the best upgrade which you can do with the available kings.
    Make sure that you kill AT LEAST 3 MASTER OF TEMPLARS which come in first row.
    As soon as 1 unit passes the flag,Press "3" TWICE(press it quickly),you will be guided to repair villager.Start repairing the tower and cross your fingers :P

How to kill templars??

Divide your towers into four parts
1st part--->left column,extreme left towers(left side of accursed tower).Select towers manually(only from that side) and press CTRL+4
2nd part--->right column,extreme left towers(left side of accursed tower).Select towers manually(only from that side) and press CTRL+5
3rd part--->left column,extreme right towers(right side of accursed tower).Select towers manually(only from that side) and press CTRL+6
4th part--->right column,extreme right towers(right side of accursed tower).Select towers manually(only from that side) and press CTRL+7

As soon as the templars arrive press "4" and "5" and attack the FIRST ROW TEMPLARS.When they cross accursed tower,press "6" and "7" and shoot at the SAME TEMPLARS.In this way you'll be able to kill at least 3 templars.
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Important points to be remembered

  1. Make sure you number market and dock by "1" and "2".
  2. Don't forget to trade at any point in the map.Buy 2000 wood(1 king) when you run out of wood.My best number of trade carts is 174.
  3. Buy 1500 stone(1 king) when in need.
  4. At times there can be 5 villagers on 1 mine.Make sure you try it.
  5. When the templars arrive,try to concentrate only on them and not on kings because if you let a templar pass the flag(which can be killed),that might become the reason for losing the match.
  6. My best attack power(ap) of tower is (+2757)[50 kings twice,30 kings upgrade once].
    I want you to get higher than this ;1thumbup

Learn the map by watching a recorded game(for newbies)

i already mentioned i am not a pro,still a rookie
but if you are a new player
recorded game can help you

PS-This whole guide,each and every trick/tactic is only mine which i use while playing this map. xbox
I did not consult anyone :S
No one helped me in making this guide ;tears
that's because i did not ask anyone's help :P ;P
I am not a pro at this map,still a rookie...
but i can assure you if you follow above steps as stated you will reach master of templars easily with a good ap ;weights
after you understand this map you can make your own strategies.good luck.

comments to make this guide better are highly appreciated ;3angel
IF NOT ANYTHING ELSE I AT LEAST DESERVE A "GOOD JOB" for my hard work of 6 hours.Making such guide is not easy.

@players who are new to voobly <3...you will find all this only on voobly,no where else.Tell your friends to join this community else ;stick ;stick


have fun :) keep smiling :) love all ;hearts

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