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The dhcp server on the router, distributes private ip's to any connected device. To make sure you get the same ip every time you log on, you can use "IP Reservation". If you can do that, then none of the set up described below needs to be done.
You will need to "fix" or reserve the ip unless your pc is the only attached device.

The router ip [] and the pc ip [] need to be out side the range of ip's the DHCP can allocate. Simply alter the start ip [shown in screen shot] to exclude them.

To configure a fixed IP address on your Windows Vista pc

Access your network lan card

When you have done that, do this to access your network card:
Pictorial View
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Manual set up of a fixed private ip

When you set up your router, the gateway IP and the PC IP, need to be outside the range shown on the router DHCP page.
You can alter that range on the router dhcp page from the start/finish range shown.
Read here for a diagrammatic how to set a fixed ip:
Generic router set up:
Router set up

Home Networking Set up and Options

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Vista Colour Issues

The Fixes Below Are Not Needed To Play At Voobly

Video And Other Ways To Fix Colour Problems
Other Ways

To disable the User Account Control

Tweaking the User Account Control(UAC)
instead of disabling. a better option than turning off
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Vista firewalls with advanced security.

Allow port ranges
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Configure vista Ultimate and Premium firewall. (Firewall with Advanced Security)
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Vista running services that can be turned off

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Vista tips and tricks

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Enable/disable vista hot keys

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Vista training videos

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Step by step internet connection sharing set up ICS

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