voobly nat feature

By using the Voobly Nat feature [port 16000udp] and giving each pc a different Nat port you should be able to play without further set up.[ at the top of any game lobby, go to settings, then nat feature]

It can be done with a special set up or using public ip,s. Why special, because you can not direct/port forward, the same ports to two or more internal ips using port forward on the router. one port, one ip.

Before you start

Make sure each pc can play individually in a game on VOOBLY. You may need to keep altering the router settings to do this. But its essential.
This will eliminate any security applications from problems you may encounter.
Also, as they can play individually, any problems will be related to the way they are seen and see each other.
Make sure Each pc can communicate with the other pc,s you are using on your internal set up or lan. (network places, work group computers) They need to "see" each other. It may be necessary to put them in the same "work group" and do the network connection wizard on all the pc,s

Ways to try


  1. Your ROUTER needs to support the UPNP protocol. Look on the router for a UPNP setting and enable it. Apply, save, reboot the router. Then check the pc is SET UP FOR UPNP.
  2. Vista and Xp operating systems support UPNP. Windows 7/8 support UPnP
    [You must login to view link]
  3. You need to check your pc has UPNP enabled.
  4. Read here for how to do that:
  5. Make sure no AGE game ports are set on the router, they are not needed. [2300 to 2400tcp/udp 47624tcp]
    A fixed ip is not needed either.
  6. If you get 30 ping, in the each pc,s firewall, allow the game and perhaps the ports.
Router set up if no UPnP

Older routers.
  1. Your router is set up with a limited port range to each internal ip. Not the full range used for a single pc.
  2. Plus you need to down load and use a program called DXPORTS from puffinsoft web site.
    Old but still works.
  3. Your router needs to support what is called "loop back".
  4. Read here for more information and to check for loop back:
    [You must login to view link]
  5. Read here for how TO ENABLE loop back if the router doesnt have it: [You must login to view link]
What to do:

If you get 30 ping when in a game together.
In each pc,s firewall, enter the ip of all the other playing pc,s.
On some pc firewalls, lower the pc f/wall settings if slider operated, if possible.


Your isp can provide you with an additional ip or a block of public ip,s. With a block of 5 ip,s two are pc usable. A block of 8 ip,s, five are pc usable. To assign to pc,s on your network.
This makes your pc's individually seen on the net.
The router, which will have one of the public ip,s, can be port forwarded to allocate all needed ports to each public ip.

A public ip is one not starting 192, 10, or 172
Isp may charge you for a block of ip,s
If you have a mix of xp and vista pc,s, you may need to install this link layer application from Microsoft:
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Work group

Control panel> system icon>computer name> change.

How to access your router:

Go to start on your pc...then run... type... cmd... hit enter... type... ipconfig/all
hit enter...
Write down the DEFAULT GATEWAY IP as shown on the black page.

now go here:
[You must login to view link]
Find your router from the list, click it, follow through to the game list page. click Age of Empires II.
The new page will show you the default pass word and user name. now enter the default gateway ip in a browser address bar like this example: [You must login to view link]
then enter the default password and user name on the log in page. The router main page should now be open.

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