Guide in order to play AOE & Voobly in GNU/LINUX

Author and all credits to: Osorio Merlos Erick Victor Gabriel.
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• Discs Age of Kings and Age of Empires - The Conquerors. If you do not, you need to install some form of power. Other versions probably work, but would have to make additional / different steps to execute.
• System Explorer Portable (to make the guide version 5.60 works correctly).
• Patches Age of Kings Update 2.0a & 1.0c Conquerors (optional to improve the ****geneity of the language).
• Installation of Voobly (The tool which installs voobly).

Equipment which has been successfully tested this

■ An Intel Core i5 with 4 cores at 2.67GHz (first generation), 8GB DDR3 RAM, ATI HD5670 with proprietary and open source drivers, but works best with free (Kernel 3.12+), openSUSE 12.1 to 13.1.
■ An AMD Athlon X2 2GHz, 4GB of DDR3 RAM, integrated NVIDIA proprietary drivers. openSUSE 12.2 and 12.3.


» This guide (in theory) for any Linux distribution (and possibly MAC) on computers. I tested the performance is excellent, both window and full screen.

■ The first is to install PlayOnLinux (this step varies depending on the distribution). We executed and we asked PlayOnLinux install Microsoft fonts; we do.

■ completed this step, proceed to install Age of Empires II and its expansion, The Conquerors.
• next, we click on the "Install" • As shown in image above, look for: "Age of Empires" and select "Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings".

• Proceed to install it, following the steps in the wizard.

• It will download and automatically install some things.

•Ask if you want to install from file (in case you have the installer to your computer) or CD-ROM (I chose CD-ROM)

•Then ask where you mounted the CD-ROM, in my case "/ var / run / media / erick / AOE2 /". If your route is not listed, select "Other"

• An easy way to find out is to open the CD-ROM file browser and copy the path that appears in the address bar.

• And paste it into the box asking for the path.

• If you mark an error, restart the steps, selecting delete contents of the virtual disk.

• and this time selecting installation method from file. Looking for the "aoesetup.exe" the folder on the CD-ROM.

» Run the installer of the age of the kings, and proceed to install and Windows.

• After installation select "Exit" Installer of Age of Empires.
• and will offer to install the patch 2.0a. We accept.

• Select "Download program" that will automatically download and install.
• After this step will return to the main screen.

■ Now install the Conquerors in the same way that the AOK; and accepting installation patch 1.0c.

• Completed the steps back to the home screen again.

■ We click on configure:

• From left we made sure that "the conquerors" is selected, and we click on "Miscellaneous":

■Once there, select "run an executable file from this virtual drive" and select the installer Voobly (we downloaded in obviously), and installed it.

• Once installation is complete Voobly, we close from the "System Tray".

■ Now unzip System Explorer Portable ([You must login to view link]) in / home / USER / PlayOnLinux's virtual drives / AOE2_conq / drive_c / users / USER / SystemExplorerPortable /.
Note: USER means the user you are using GNU / Linux for your session.

■ We return again to the window "Miscellaneous". Now we click on the "Install Components" and install "directplay"

■ Installation is complete directplay, we click on the "General" tab, and then click the + sign "Version of Wine"

• On the side of "Wine versions available," looking version "1.3.34" and we click on the> arrow to proceed to install.

• We installed it following the instructions.
• Once installed close the window in which the versions of Wine installed. At this point we're back to the previous window, select the version "1.3.34" Wine for the virtual drive of Conquerors.

■ In this window, we click on "Create a new short cut for this virtual drive", select "voobly.exe", we click Next and enter the name you want.

• We create another short cut to SystemExplorer.exe, but this time select "Browse" and navigate to the path where you have unzipped.

• After you create the shortcut to Voobly and System Explorer, close the window shortcuts and configuration PlayOnLinux to return to the main window.

■ Voobly started either from the short cut created on the desktop, or from the window of PlayOnLinux.
• Install available updates and create an entire ...

• once there activate Game» DirectX ► Render in 32-bit color, and in Window-Mode Start.
• From here we can play on line.

• If we want to play in full screen, just press ctrl + enter to toggle between full screen and window.

■ Upon completion of a game it is quite possible that the Age does not close, so run System Explorer, and close age2_x1.exe and dplaysvr.exe from the task list that shows.


► If we want the game completely in English (or another language other than Spanish) must not accept update patches giving Voobly. These are 2.0a and 1.0c. We must find them and install them manually similar to the one installed Voobly (run an exe file in this virtual drive).

► If you want to save your resolution settings, speed and other things. Launch the game with the option to "Start a Single Player Menu", set what you need, start a game, and closes the Age. This will normally close, and save your changes.

► As you can see in the screenshots there are some lyrics that are not displayed correctly. This is because Wine 1.3.34 has a bug with QT, this was corrected in later versions, but have not found any later version Voobly running properly. There was a way to solve this problem, but because Voobly Surrendering support for Windows Me and earlier about May 15, 2014, this trick is no longer possible. If you want running again should be asked to return to Voobly support for Windows Me.

► If you play full screen, restores the game to windowed mode (ctrl + enter) before closing, or the game will crash (as it almost always does when wanting to close the game), once there you can close with System Explorer.

► If you have problems with the game, you probably have many bad Voobly closed instances running, so in PlayOnLinux screen, go to Set up> Wine> Kill process.

(This should remove all instances that are running in one virtual machine (Note: in rare cases this is not enough, so you must restart the PC. Yourself can check with the task manager in your system and verify that the processes of Voobly, Wine and so not close).)

• It is advisable to play DirectX activating the option to switch between full screen and window. If you do not enable this option the game will use less resources (which will make it run faster), but can give problems when returning to the desk.
• I'm not sure, but I think if we install components "directx9" and "dxfullsetup" you can obtain further performance gain.
• Some points I put to mean that these steps may be omitted, they are optional or can be substituted with others.

► If you are using KDE is good idea to disable the graphic effects before running the game (Alt + Shift + F12), this can also automate creating a rule for window Age of Empires, and the graphical effects are automatically turned off. This will give better performance in the game.
(GNOME does not appear that this is possible ... I'm sorry.)

► If ever an error on the port is in use by another application, just change it in the preferences of any other listed Voobly.


» This guide was made possible by Victor Gabriel Osorio Merlos Erick, Email: [You must login to view link] .Feel free to contact him if you have suggestions, improvements, and / or comments to improve the guide.

This Guide is Translated from the [You must login to view link] article by Cavin

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