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DE Patch

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Balance Changelog

Units & Buildings

  • Hunters work 5% faster than before (previously they were as slow as Foragers).
  • Food available from Whale increased to 300 Food.
  • Gold and stone miners work 15% faster (to compensate bug fixes to technologies).
  • Short Swordsmen directly available in Bronze Age without any researches.
  • Broad swordsmen have +10 HP, Long Swordsmen have +20 HP.
  • Changes in train/build time of units: Camel Riders are 6% slower to train (now 25% faster to train than Cavalry); Farms: 20% faster; towers: 10% faster.
  • Horse Archer and Heavy Horse Archer have 1 pierce armor (previously 2).
  • Heavy Cavalry +1 armor.
  • Cataphract: +20 HP, +1 armor, +1 pierce armor; upgrade cost to 1600F, 750G (previously 2000F, 850G).
  • Elephant Archers have +1 attack, cost reduced to 180F, 45G (previously 180F, 60G).
  • Slingers have higher bonus attack (+4) vs mounted archers (bonus vs foot archers unchanged).
  • Camel Riders now have bonus attack against all mounted units. Missing +4 bonus attack vs elephants added.
  • Armored Elephant bonus attack vs. buildings decreased by 1.
  • Scout gets +2 LOS per age upgrade – already present, but undocumented effect. Bonus from upgrading from Stone to Tool Age is removed (Scout isn’t available in Stone Age).
  • Catapult Triremes now have 135 HP (previously 120 HP).
  • Catapult Trireme and Juggernaught move 10% faster, cost reduced to 135W, 50G (previously 135W, 75G).
  • Juggernaughts can no longer destroy trees. Upgrade cost reduced to 1300F, 700W (previously: 2000F, 900W).
  • Academy cost reduced to 150W (previously 200W).
  • Trade Boats to 120 HP (previously 200 – too much for a Stone Age unit); Merchant Ships to 200 HP (previously 250).


  • Plow: +100 Farm Food (previously +75).
  • Irrigation: +125 Farm Food (previously +75).
  • Researching Broad Sword takes +10 sec.
  • Medicine: Priest heals 2x faster (as it should be, previously 3x = faster than most attacks in the game).
  • Improved Bow researched faster (-15 sec).
  • Wheel researched slower (+15 sec.).
  • Writing is researched in half the time.


  • All civilizations now get Heavy Transport upgrade (previously Choson, Assyrian, Babylonian, Hittite, Palmyran, Shang and Sumerian didn’t).
  • All civilizations now get Wheel (previously Persian and Macedonian didn’t).
  • All civilizations now get Coinage (previously Egyptian, Palmyran, Persian, Shang and Sumerian didn’t).
    Villagers move 10% faster (previously 18% faster).
    Get Engineering and Chain Mail armor.
    Towers and walls have +75% HP (previously +100% HP).
    Get Metallurgy.
    Transport ships move 25% faster (previously 25% faster for Light Transport, 43% faster for Heavy Transport).
    New bonus: Camel Riders have +15% HP.
    Short/Broad/Long swordsmen and Legion have +15/20/60/80 HP respectively. (previously only Long Swordsmen and Legion +80 HP)
    Get Nobility.
    Get Coinage.
    New bonus: Academy units cost 20% less (in addition to the already present speed bonus).
    Ships are 20% faster (previously 17% faster).
    Catapults have +50% HP (previously +100% HP).
    Warships (except Fire Galley) have +3 range (previously +4 range).
    Lose Centurion, Architecture and Irrigation.
    Siege Workshop units cost -25% (previously -50%).
    Get Wheel.
    Get Catapult upgrade.
    New bonus: Start the game with +50 Food (because their villagers cost 75 F).
    Villagers work 25% faster for all tasks (previously 20% faster for some tasks, 0% faster for others).
    Get Coinage.
    All elephant units move 20% faster (previously 56% faster).
    Get Wheel, Artisanship and Coinage.
    Persian Triremes fire 25% faster (previously 38%).
    Catapult Trireme and Juggernaught fire 30% faster (previously 58% faster).
    Walls have +75% HP (previously +100% HP).
    Get Coinage.
    Farms have +125 F (previously +250 F).
    Get Coinage.
    Villagers move 10% faster (previously 18% faster).
    All ships have +25% HP (previously +33% HP for fishing ships, +30% HP for other ships)

Some changes were too generalized or unable to be changed. Here is a list of all the changes unchanged which are changed in DE:
  • Catapult, Heavy Catapult and Juggernaught have slightly smaller damage area radius.
  • All chariots now have double attack vs. Priest (previously +7). It’s calculated from their base attack.
  • War/Armored Elephant and Scythe Chariot trample damage area reduced just enough so that they no longer damage enemy units/buildings on the other side of a wall
  • Siege weapon projectiles (stones and bolts) travel slightly faster (they were very slow), but are also slightly slower to reload (affects all stone and bolt firing units).
  • Helepolis has 30% slower fire rate (previously it fired as fast as archers). Helepolis projectiles are faster (as noted above).
  • Priests have +1 healing range.
  • Coinage – gold mining productivity (extra yield) reduced to +10% (previously +25%), gathering speed and carry capacity remain the same.
  • Zealotry (Jihad): villager carry capacity penalty more consistent for different villager types; villager speed bonus to +10%.
  • Siegecraft: Villager bonus attack vs walls and towers slightly reduced.
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