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UP 1.5 - Portuguese Civ Mod III

by Portuguese Civ Mod Team - 2349 downloads

ATTENTION: This download only contains the modified version of the UserPatch 1.5 that PCM III uses. In order to ensure the full functionality of the mod, you'll also have to download the Data modifications of the mod, which can be obtained at the link bellow:

The Portuguese Civ Mod III is a fan-made modification to Age of Empires II: The Conquerors and the third installment of the Portuguese Civ Mod, that adds 18 new civs and new gameplay features!

  • Includes all of the features of Portuguese Civ Mod I and II: wonder powers, support units, mecenary system, redesigned scout and sea buildings!
  • Seventeen new civs (Portuguese, Aragonese, Moors, Berbers, Navarrese, Tupis, Dutch, Swahilis, Italians, Indians, Galicians, Indonesians, Leonese, Abyssinians, Shona, Burgundians, Kongolese and Polish) have been added with unique bonuses and features
  • A completly new age, the Renaissance Age, with new units and technologies, has been added!
  • A new resource, Experience, with an unique way to obtain it, has been added!
  • The Mercenary system of the first version of the Portuguese Civ Mod has been expanded!
  • A new gameplay feature for Real World Maps has been added: the Rare Resources system!

Playing in Voobly
After installing both the mod and the modified UP version in which it depends, to play it in Voobly, just create a Lobby, and, in the lobby settings, set the "Patch" option to "UP 1.5 - Portuguese Civ Mod III" and the "Mod" option to "Portuguese Civ Mod III".
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More information about the Portuguese Civ Mod III can be found at readme, which is included in the download, and also in the [You must login to view link].

Be sure to read the official mod readme and the outlines for the new civilizations at the links below before playing the mod competitively!
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