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TDII TeamBonus V3

by Rambit, Sugarrush, fixed by Gallas - 209 downloads

Updated version of Rambit's TDII:


Features from V2 to V3

Fixed food-trade cheat

All Forage bush and Forager's base work rate is divided by 100. By this change the Forager player cannot accumulate too much food to avoid the food remover trigger, while the gathering rate is unchanged.

Reduced trade lag

All trading units cost 2x, trained 2x slower, need 2 pop but also have 2x work rate. By all this duplicates the trading income not changed, but the number of units on the map is half. This is a tested and working lag-reducing method by X-patch mod.

Axe tower vote

Axe tower always has been a dilemma to allow or not. In v3 you can vote about it in the first 10 minutes at middle of the map. In that case the vote ends draw, it will result as allowed.

Non-stucked trade units

By giving 0.3 extra drop range to trading units, the chance to getting stucked at market is greatly reduced.

Trade rebalance

Previously many trade unit's actual value, work rate and avg income were not carefully calculated. From 1.4 version some are changed. In this data-collection all previous and new info are listed (xlsx edition):

Villager fixed pop

Villagers if changing the gathering/type no longer have different population.

Computer no longer help

In v3 the computer players (Ai) no longer can be used to send resources at begin, or help in longer term (p2).

Unintended Dock upgrades

In certain situation some players were able to research an unintended technology in dock. Now all technologies from Dock are removed.

Hotkeys for Towers/Buildings/Units

Axe Tower A (original: Archery Range)
Big Tower B (original: Barracks)
Bombard Tower J (original: same)
Chu Ko Nu Tower K (original: Siege Workshop)
Dark Tower D (original: Dock)
Fire Tower F (original: Farm)
Meteor Tower M (original: Market)
Onager Towers O (original: Wonder)
Power Tower P (original: Palisade Wall)
Rapid Tower Z (original: Lumber Camp)
Scorpion Tower N (original: Town Center)
The Accursed Tower W (original: Stone Wall)
Watch / Guard / Keep T (original: same)

Pavilion G (original: Mining Camp)
Large Pavilion Y (original: Monastery)
House I (original: Mill)
Large House E (original: House)
Blacksmith S (original: same)
University U (original: same)
Advanced Research Center L (original: Stable)

Hand Cart A (original: Galley)
Trade Cart D (original: Demolition Ship)
Trade Elephant F (original: Fishing Ship)
Giant Trader G (original: Longboat)
Small Trade Boat A (original: Galley)
Large Trade Boat D (original: Demolition Ship)
Trade Cog F (original: Fishing Ship)
Trade Galleon G (original: Longboat)
Trade Rider A (original: Galley)
Trade Bird D (original: Demolition Ship)
Small Rocket Ship F (original: Fishing Ship)
Large Rocket Ship G (original: Longboat)

Corrected text lines

Lot of incorrect and missing text lines/tooltips are fixed.

Static map

Previously the map versions made issues and confuses, but in this edition the map:
=V= TDII TeamBonus v3.scx will be the one and only. In future updates no need to get the new map from somewhere, it's part of the data mod. Previous map versions for TDII TeamBonus V2 may won't be compatible with V3.

Improved achievements

After a match the achievements shows more useful statics. You can check how many Dark/Feudal, Castle/Imperial and Axe Towers has been built by the players.

New anti-delete

If Userpatch 1.5 is used, then Market, Dock and Villagers is not possible to delete. Air-dock is not working sadly, due to id/class issue. (villagers are still affected by triggers)

Faster rounds

All rounds comes 30 sec earlier. This not sounds much, but a full match will be 20min shorter in total. This will result in more intensive endgame and possibly more stronger rush options.

Reworked end-game

The Mega ram final level in the previous version was laggy, frustrating and unnecessarily long. By giving the rams better base armor, also +1 melee armor for rams and all towers lose 5% attack speed in every minutes, the endgame will be much more challenging and way faster.

Possible changes for next version:
1.7 - Extending the hidden tower block to prevent vote-abuse
1.7 - Unbuildable trade-roads

Version log

Current version 1.6:
1.6 - All rounds comes 30 sec earlier (roughly 20min faster matches)
1.6 - End-game has been reworked. Read above for more info.
1.6 - Boss and ram levels have extra base melee armor
1.6 - Axe Tower get ballistics too and projectile size is increased from 0.1 to 0.15
1.6 - The .xls table is including now the house prices, train times and hun+sara bonuses
1.6 - Saracen instant market unit creation is slowed down to 98%
1.6 - Chinese Large House (from 400) cost 300 wood instead of 350
1.6 - The non-working Turk chemistry is replaced to a +1 damage to all Towers bonus (thanks for report to shaiful)
1.6 - Trade units range increased by 0.1 as an attempt to fix the drop-off bug
1.6 - Air trade units carry roughly +10% gold
1.6 - Hand carts are created in 50 seconds instead of 102 and carry +10% gold
1.6 - Large Rocket Ships are created in 100 seconds instead of 150
1.6 - Vote box cannot be cheated anymore (thanks for report to WaterStrider)
1.6 - It's not possible to delete market/dock/villagers if Userpatch 1.5 is used (thanks to [MM]jason's Roulette blood)
1.6 - Achievements shows the total built towers by categories
1.5 - Axe tower vote should work for all player (thanks for report to WaterStrider)
1.5 - Units less-like should created behind the market (thanks for report to MMO_Executioner)
1.4 - Some trade unit's work rate is rebalanced (read xlsx file for details)
1.4 - Defeated player no longer spawn from forages
1.4 - Fixed non-persian Trade Elephant's work rate
1.3 - Fixed Galleon stuck bug
1.3 - Fixed Mayan bonus
1.2 - Byzantine p1 or p2 no longer change Middle Tower's hp
1.2 - Unit spawn tasking adjusted for spawn timer
1.1 - Fixed villager's pop bug (thanks for report to CFV)
1.0 - First public version with all listed features
0.9 - Base data mod from TDII TeamBonus V2 and V TDII V27.scx

Special thanks to

- Rambit for the TD II teamBonus
- [I3acI]SugarRush for editing and fixes
- Keisari Tapsa's aoe modding tools
- The TD II community for reporting bugs and gives suggestions
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