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by Tails8521, Jineapple, TriRem, TWest - 274772 downloads

This mod allows you to play the HD expansions on Voobly. There are some requirements:
  • You need to play this with Userpatch 1.5
  • You need to own at least the HD version with the "Forgotten Kingdoms" expansion on Steam and have it installed. Without that, using this mod is not possible.
  • If you do not own all expansions, you will be restricted in the civilizations you can choose. There are three different versions of this mod: WololoKingdoms FE, WololoKingdoms AK and WololoKingdoms (the full version).
  • If you are missing African Kingdoms, you will only have access to WololoKingdoms FE (regardless if you own Rise of the Rajas or not)
  • If you miss Rise of the Rajas, you do not have access to the full WololoKingdoms.
  • This is done automatically and all versions you have access to will be installed.

"Download Now" will take you to the Github Page, where you can download the Zip of the installer, extract the zip into a folder and run the executable of the installer inside, which will give you some options to choose from (Hotkeys, language, etc.). Installing it through the mod center like other data mods is not possible.

If you have any questions, please read the readme on the github page [You must login to view link] first to see if they are answered there.

Note that this uses HD balance as your steam is set to during the installation. This means that if your HD is e.g. on and old patch or a beta branch, it will use the changed balance of that. The version number changes depending on that. To play rated, your version needs to match the number of the mod version shown here. This means your steam installation needs to be set to the current live patch ( 5.8 ). Make sure it's updated before running the installer.

If you're having troubles with the auto-updater, you can disable it by renaming the WKUpdater.exe to something else.
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