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by Lilitu, based on the Voobly Balance Patch. - 49 downloads

Based on Voobly Balance Patch 2.0
VBP2.0 Changelog: [You must login to view link]

If you ever started Diversity on a Version before 1.6 the Mod created some files in your original game files. This files may cause OOS if not playing on the Mod and should be deleted. Uninstalling the Mod does not help you with that.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Age of Mythology\data
remove relics2.xmb and unittransform.xmb

In: (NOT OOS sensitive, keep at least the rag-file if you want Ragnarok Hero Sounds to be Male/Female/Dwarven)
C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Age of Mythology\sound
remove all XMBs. You dont need to check any of the other folders inside \sound, nothing has been created in there.

1.6 and later versions will not create any files to the original game.

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- Frequently Asked Questions

I cant build TCs?
Yes you can, but not with Hotkeys. TCs are now divided into Main and Secondary TCs, your Hotkey applies to the Main TC which is limited to 1, thus you're not allowed to build another. Use the button for now.

I cant see Allies?
10 seconds into the game you loose LOS over your allies. Research Ambassadors in TC to regain LOS over allied players.

What's wrong with Population?
Pop is in TCs, Houses and Forts now. Dont forget your Forts.

Where are atlantean barracks upgrades?
In the Theocrat unit. Build one from the Palace or upgrade a Hero Oracle.

Loki cant build houses?
Build Ox Carts, population for Loki is in there.

Does AI work?
They dont build TCs anymore and Loki hasn't figured out to use ox carts for houses :/ ... otherwise pretty much yes.

I. General Changes

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- Population & Fortification

Starting Town Centers are a unique building. They are the only TCs which get 5 additional Population and the visuals of Fortification (automatically in heroic). Like monuments you'll not be able to start building any other kind of TCs if the starting TC got destroyed until it is rebuild. The main TC will be renamed depending on the classical god chosen, Bast->Bubastis, Athena->Athens, Heimdall->Skara and so on.

Secondary Town Centers have 2100 HP only and get no Pop Bonus from Fortification, but +700HP in heroic. The lower HP is due to the availability in classical which was new after vanilla. Instead of just punishing atty for early secondary TCs, everyone gets punished with weakened secondary Town Centers.
Norse Secondaries are named "Norse Clan", other "Human Village".

Forts for Norse, Greek and Egypt grant 5 Population each. The first one is available in classical, additional 3 in heroic. Additionally they are Ressource-Dropspots for Villagers. (5pop/20pop)

Palaces grant 10 Population each. The first is classical, the second heroic and the third mythic. (10/20/30pop)

Forts & Palaces hold Updates which were in Towers/Walls before: Signal Fires, Carrier Pigeons, Boiling Oil (no Watch Towers required), Crenellations (no Watch Towers Required), Safeguard/Athenian Wall/Oreichalkos Wall (Still in TC aswell).

Walls get the Line-Ups on Age-Up for visuals only, so you basically stick with archaic walls. Only Heimdall, Hades, Hera and Atlas(OreichalkosWall) improve Walls.

Starting Towers are an extra unit which doesn't count to the tower limit.
Buildable Towers are limited to 4 and accept only the watch tower of tower-line-ups. Mirror Towers limit is 2, Sky Passages 4.
Tower Line Ups after Watch Towers are not researchable anymore.
> If you have Watch Towers & Athena/Okeanos/Bast or an ally Hades, on heroic you get guard towers.
> If you have Guard Towers & Hathor, on mythic you get ballista towers.

Houses & Population overview:
- Houses grant 9 pop, Manors 18 pop. (90pop)
- Population overall: on 3 TCs 160 now, while 165 for Tyr and 170 for Atty & Citadel-Bast.

Atlanteans got a Population Bonus because their economy does not scale as well as other civs economies regarding the increased carry capacity. There was a huge thread on that long ago on the Sanctuary were 10 Pop was believed to be the amount they miss.

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- Team Game Mechanics

Shared LOS Technology: Like in AoE2 Players have no LOS over their allies at the start of a game (after 10 secs it is removed). They gain it by updating 'Ambassadors' available in their archaic TC for 100 gold. Ambassadors also reduce the Penalty from 30% to 10% instead of from 10% to 0%.

Team Bonus Mechanic: As you might know from AoE2 a team bonus is something that benefits your alliance. It is applied at the beginning of the game to all mutual allies. It will not be checked afterwards nor removed when players get defeated. The AoM-Team-Bonus will, just as in AoE2, not stack with the same bonus, but stack with every other. Thus you only get one Loki-Bonus, but maybe additional a bonus of every other god, though that only once aswell. The team bonus does however, not as in AoE2, >Not< apply to the player himself. Having a team of 3 with Loki, Loki and Ra gives Ra just one Loki-Bonus, while each Loki-Player only gets the Ra-Bonus, therefore the alliance misses out on one additional update to all teammates by picking one god twice. And thats about all there is to know about the mechanic itself. All Team Boni are something which is (mostly stronger) active for the gods granting them themselves.
  • ZEUS: The removed Harter's Folly active. Start with only 15% TributePenalty. Get's reduced to 10% by archaic Ambassadors.
  • POSEIDON: -5% Cavalry Cost
  • HADES: +10% Building Ranged Attack, AutoUpdates Watch to Guard Towers for Civs which have Guard Towers (when they reach heroic).
  • ISIS: +1 Pop in Settlements
  • RA: Farms archaic, Transport Ships archaic. (i: Transport Ships are naval Oxcarts in here) +10% Speed to Camelry/Prodromos/Lancer/LancerHero/RaidingCav.
  • SET: -12.5% Migdol Gold Cost, -10% Fort/HillFort/Palace Wood&Gold Cost
  • ODIN: +5% Hunting Bonus, One initial not respawning 50%HP Raven from the first Temple. (i: Without Amabassadors from the TC you dont share LOS with allies)
  • THOR: -10% cost on armory techs, so basically the Anvil of Hephaistos Relic.
  • LOKI: -5% Myths Cost on Favor
  • KRONOS: -5% Siege Weapons cost
  • ORANOS: -5% research cost on all fort updates
  • GAIA: -5% research cost on eco ups

Removed Relics: Fenrir, Harter and Pygmalion.

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- Water Mechanics

Docks don't shoot anymore.

Economywise egyptian fishing ships dont build anymore and (like egyptian farms) cost 45 gold instead of 50 wood. Transport Ships however can build docks for every civ and work as naval oxcarts, thus dropspots for fishing-ships. Enclosed Deck also adds to fishing carry capacity, which is partly taken from Salt Amphora. (15 for amphora, 10 for deck).

Arrow Ships need to be heroized individually with Heroic Fleet [100 food, 3 favor, +100% against Myths] and have myth-special-protection.
Arrow Ships/Hero Ships also have -1.0 speed which is regainable through a classical update (250 wood, 5 favor) with slight differences for each civ:
- [Norse age2]250w,5fav] Arctic Winds - Arrow Ships +1.0 speed, +10%HP
- [Greek age2]250w,5fav] Anastrophe - Arrow Ships +1.0 speed, +10%Atk
- [Atty age2]250w,5fav] Poseidon's Secret - Arrow Ships +1.0 speed, +1 Range
- [Egypt age2]250w,5fav] Funeral Barge - Arrow Ships +1.5 speed

Conscript Sailors available in heroic is required for heroic ships&their updates.

Mythic Water-MUs and the Argo are heroic now, so every civ has 2 out of 3 heroic minor gods granting water myths.

Heroic Ship-Updates for Norse/Greek are available no matter which god is chosen:
- [Greek age3]200g,10fav] Trierarch - Arrow Ship -20% crush vulnerability, +10%hp
- [Norse age3]200g,10fav] Long Serpent - Arrow Ships -20% crush vulnerability, +10%hp
- [Norse age3]200w,10fav] Arctic Gale - War Ships +10%speed

II. God-Specific Changes

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All minor gods grant heroes, changing up the group of heroes you get more often. This e.g. allows for Chiron+Chentaurs with Hermes. Classical Minor God Updates may also benefit archaic and classical heroes, like Enrys Bow of Horror for Hippolyta.
  • ZEUS: Infantrydmg against buildings removed. Infantry-Lineups one age earlier available. After champion infantry Zeus has another improvement to go 'over champion', cost 750gold, 450food (+150/+50 like all infantry line ups), 10%Dmg, 20%HP. Harters Folly Relic (+2LOS to Scouts) active. Starts with only 15% TributePenalty. Get's reduced to 10% by archaic Ambassadors.
  • POSEIDON: Hero Ship Heroic. Lord of Horses Favor cost down to 1.
  • HERMES: Chiron, Sylvan Lore affects Centaurs and Chiron up to the same speed.
  • ARES: Hippolyta. Enrys-Hippolyta, Phobos&Deimos add x1.5 against Buildings to Hop/Hyp, Phobos Spear price up to 300food/20favor. Phobos-Ajax, Deimos-Theseus.
  • ATHENA: Odysseus. Sarissa-Ajax, Aegis-Iason/Ajax.
  • APOLLO: Heracles.
  • DIONYSOS: Achill.
  • APHRODITE: Atalanta. Karkinos.
  • HEPHAISTOS: Perseus. Colossus spawn with 50% initalHP (heal up before use), gold cost down to 300 again.
  • ARTEMIS: Polyphem.
  • HERA: Bellerophon.

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Oxcarts produceable from Hill Forts. Huscarls Classical (still in Hill Fort only). Skraelings start with different Boni (Odin Lone Wanderer, Thor Mithril Breastplate, Loki Eyes in the Forest) which though cannot be obtained for the Skraeling by getting the Update anymore.
  • THOR: Cannot build armories anymore and does not need to for heroic, all Armory ups are in his Ox Cart. Instead of Pig Sticker He gets Mithril Breastplate from Forseti.
  • LOKI: Loki cannot build houses, instead he gets his Population from his Ox Carts (limit of 9, +10pop each). Lokis Nomad Ox Carts have normal HP&Speed, so they are just cheaper.
  • FORSETI: Got Call of Wallhalla from Bragi, Lost Mithril Breastplate to Thor.
  • HEIMDALL: Safeguard additional -20% wood/gold cost for Hill Forts. (200/200/5 now)
  • SKADI: Jormungand from Tyr.
  • BRAGI: Lost Call of Wallhalla to Forseti.
  • TYR: Bravery also adds +1 limit to the Hill Fort.

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Merc-Cav only available in the Main TC. Turning a main TC into a citadel enables building another main TC somewhere else. Eggy Transport ships build instead of fishing ships. Fishing Ships (like farms) cost gold instead of wood (50 gold each), docks cost 100 gold.
  • RA [Anubis & Bast]: RhinoSkin removed. Instead he gets Shaduf which is also still part of Ptah. Also Transport Ships are archaic.
  • ISIS [Anubis & Ptah]: GP-Protection only for the last monument. (still A/E or cheap farms)
  • SET [Bast & Ptah]
  • ANUBIS: Eclipse. Leathershield. Lost Serpentspear.
  • BAST: Citadel. Citadel grants GP-Protection.
  • PTAH: Serpents & Serpentspear from Anubis, lost Leathershield to Anubis. Still has Shaduf.
  • SEKHMET: Shifting Sands, Scorpion Man & Leviathan. Since Shifting Sands is heroic it is back to pre-voobly-patch again.
  • HATHOR: Rocs up to 4.8 speed again, but can transport only Rax Units, Vills and Heroes.
  • NEPHTHYS: Scarab & War Turtle. Scarabs only appear after Ancestors is gone.

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Citizens and Hero Citizens are scaled down to be as valuable for 2 Pop, like cheaper, faster training time, speed, but lesser gather rates. Hero Cits are comparable as better as before than Cits but cost 2 pop aswell anyway. Limits are 38/5, Farm cost is down to 135w. In Classical Oracle Heroes producable instead of normal ones from temple. Heroic hero academy helps heroic age atties with heroes (Read into Hyperion/Rheia/Theia). In heroic they can produce Hero Cits from the palace.

Atty Theocrats: Stats as Oracles with +10% Speed. Theocrats research Rax/Crax-Updates which are not in Rax/Crax anymore, basically all Line-Ups and Conscripts. Hero Oracles can transform into Hero Theocrats, by themself or using Valor. Hero Theocrats can be trained from the classical Palace directly.
  • OURANOS: Safe Passage in temple. Speed bonus removed. Ouranos has a 10% discount on teching inside the palace. 3rd inital Oracle is replaced by a Theocrat Scout (Can transform into a Theocrat Hero aswell).
  • KRONOS: Focus removed from eco-guild. Starts with Medium Infantry instead of Medium Archery.
  • GAIA: Starts with Hero Citizen.
  • PROMETHEUS: Heart of Titan gives Heroes +10% speed instead of making them any cheaper.
  • LETO: Automatons build buildings. (Speed /2.3 compared to atty cit).
  • OCEANOS: Bite of the Shark additional +10% Murm&MurmHero-Speed. Servants build docks.
  • THEIA: Lance of Stone: +10% cavspeed, +30% cavHackdmg instead of buildings multiplier, but allows Contarius Hero to be trained from the military academy directly (also normal Contarius still).
  • HYPERION: Renewal in military academy allows Hero Murmillo to be trained from the military academy directly (but also normal Murms still).
  • RHEIA: Oreichalkos-Mail allows Hero Arcus to be trained from military academy (but also normal Arcus still). Man'O'War-Watermyth.
  • ATLAS: Oreichalkos-Wallupgrade as known but cheaper (300 gold, 10 favor).

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- Credit
THX to Voobly Balance Patch Team, Rebels, Chrono, BlackAdder, Sanctuary and Heaven <3

THX to Loggy with providing the basis to make Team Boni possible: [You must login to view link]

THX to Hagr1t for idea & execution of reducing atty citizen pop/value to 2: [You must login to view link]

(probably sth missing, sry o.x)

Minor stuff
- Sphinx-Birth-Animation from TeleportOut.
- Valkyrie without the borealis-update has no aurora around her.
- Ragnarok Sounds Male/Female/Dwarf-Variations from Reginleif/Brokk added.
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