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Boar Maze

by Gallas - 48 downloads

Lure 5 Boar to your base to win, by turning Fences in your round!

Map at begin

Map after few turns

  • Fences will switch owner in color-order by short periods
  • You will have 10 ingame second in your round to do the changes what you need
  • U and P hotkeys can be helpful (trebuchet pack/unpack)
  • Deleting Fence result in booting!
  • The Boar may sometimes will jump over the Fence, be careful!
  • Each Boar gives 10 000 score to show how many have by the Player
  • This map only works in FFA
  • If a Player is a computer or leave/booted out, his base will be blocked by Rocks


Special thanks to:
- Keisari Tapsa, Ruralist and DiGiT for modding tools
- DiGiT,
JustTesting1234 and LOD_mantis for aokTS
- [UB]_Hacks for Anti Delete mod
- Ravensburger's Bugs in the Kitchen board game as base idea
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