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AoMT Hybrid

by ChronoJJ - 197 downloads

Age of Mythology/Titans Hybrid
(updated February 5, 2019)

This is a combination of Age of Mythology and the Titans. The gameplay is as close to Age of Mythology as possible, but with Atlanteans thrown in. Here are the main changes:

1. Town Centers cannot be built until the Heroic Age.
2. Age advancement does not result in free myth units at the temple.
3. Overall, many Myth Units and minor god technologies are slightly more expensive. A rare few are a bit cheaper.
4. For the most part, units and technologies have the same statistics.
5. Docks do not shoot arrows.
6. Greek unique units can be trained only in the fortress.
7. Upgraded siege ships are weaker.
8. No Titan age.
9. The Titans maps are included, as well as Painted Desert, Blue Lagoon, and Frozen Wastes,
10. Spearmen, Prodromos, Katapeltes, Raiding Cavalry, and non-atlantean villagers do not get an attack bonus vs siege.
11. Hands of the Pharaoh, Beast Slayer, Axe of Muspell, and Heroic Fleet do not exist.
12. Locust is weaker.
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