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This mod increases villager speed for slow civilizations (Non-Assryian/Yamato) to a level marginally below the Assy/Yama bonus.

It also balances other features, including Sumerian Villager (HP), Greek cavs (cost), Hittite ships (range)

Assyrian/Yamato maintain their speed bonus, and villagers are unchanged.

This will allow all civilizations to be used, and for fairer, more balanced games.

For a full and updated list of balances, see below.

Any questions on this, reasons for changes, or potential other mods, please ask!

Credit to Ox_Weapon_xO for excellent help and advice. ;thumbup

Thanks for advice, ideas and help with testing to [FtC]Last_to_Fall, Seppuko and MeGaBooM.


LOS - Line Of Sight
G:F - Gold:Food (cost)
hp - hit points
SR - Search Radius (unit auto-attacks within this distance)

General Balances

- Villager speed increased by +25% for previously slow civs. (With exception of Sumerian).
- Incorporated EE(A), Easy Exploration with Allies (updated to now be found in house).
- Broadswords now have +1 pierce armour.
- Longswords now have +1 pierce armour.
- Legions now have +1 pierce armour.
- Hoplites now move 10% faster (Greek unchanged)
- Axemen +1 LOS.
- Clubman +1 attack.
- Gold mine storage increased by 20%. Previously 400 per mine, now 480 per mine.
- Fixed gold mines (480 capacity), previous alteration was not correct.
- Tree (Oak 31) wood storage bug fixed - all trees now show the correct amount.
- Updated Oak 31 graphics, now 75 wood graphics shown.
- Phalanxes now move 10% faster (in accordance with previous hoplite change).
- Centurions now move 10% faster (in accordance with previous hoplite change).
- Hoplites -5 melee armour, now 0.
- Hoplites +1 pierce armour, now 1.
- Chariot archer range reduce by -1, from 7 to 6.
- Horse archer pierce armour reduced by -1, from 2 to 1.
- Cavalry +1 LOS.
- Cavalry +1 SR.
- Chariots +2 LOS.
- Chariots +2 SR.
- Jihad now +2 resource carriage (A total decrease of -6, previously -8 ).
- Jihad now +10% speed, previously +27% speed.

Civ Specific Balances
- Sumerian villagers increased by +20% speed.
- Sumerian villagers reduced to 30hp.
- Greek Cavalry reduced from 80:70 G:F to 70:60 G:F.
- Greek Cavalry +1 LOS.
- Hittite warships reduced range by -2 (still +2 bonus)
- Minoan composite bowmen reduced range by -1
- Persian infantry reduced from 35:15 F:G to 30:10 F:G.
- Persian infantry (bronze age onwards) 10% faster.
- Choson shortswords increased by +10hp.
- Choson broadswords increased by +20hp.
- Shang 50% cheaper siege (in iron age only).


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