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Tech hotkeys

by Gallas - 940 downloads

Use hotkeys for technologies and queue them like units!


Building hotkeys:

Archery Range

Cross/Arb = S (original: Militia)
Thumb Ring = T (original: Scout)
E. Skirmisher = D (original: Demolition Ship)
H. Cavalry Archer = F (original: Fishing Ship)
Parthian Tactics = P (original: Transport Ship)


Men-at-Arms = A (original: Archer)
Tracking = T (original: Scout)
Pike/Halb = D (original: Demolition Ship)
Squires = N (original: Scorpion)
E. E. Warrior = F (original: Fishing Ship)


Forgings = E (original: Hand Cannon)
Mail Armors = R (original: Skirmisher)
Barding Armors = T (original: Scout)
Fletchings = A (original: Archer)
Archer Armors = S (original: Militia)


Elite UU = A (original: Archer)
Elite UT = S (original: Militia)
Hoardings = D (original: Demolition Ship)
Sappers = F (original: Fishing Ship)
Conscription = G (original: Longboat)
Spies NOT hotkeyed!


Care/Dry = S (original: Missionary)
Shipwright = R (original: B. Ram)
Galley/on = N (original: Knight)
H. Dem. Ship = T (original: Scout)
F. Fire Ship = G (original: E. Warrior)
Cannon Galleons = E (original: Spearman)
E. Longboat = E (original: Hand Cannon)
E. Turtle Ship = E (original: Hand Cannon)

Lumber Camp

Saws = A (original: Archer)


Cart/Cara = A (original: Archer)
Coin/Bank = S (original: Militia)
Guilds = D (original: Demolition Ship)


Crops are NOT hotkeyed!

Mining camp

Gold Minings = A (original: Archer)
Stone Minings = S (original: Militia)


Redemption = E (original: Spearman)
Atonement = R (original: Fire Ship)
Fervor = P (original: Transport Ship)
Sanctity = S (original: Militia)
Faith = A (original: Archer)
Illumination = D (original: Demolition Ship)
Block Printing = F (original: Fishing Ship)
Heresy = G (original: E. Warrior)
Theocracy = C (original: Camel)
Herbal Medicine = N (original: Knight)

Siege Workshop

Rams = S (original: Militia)
Onagers = D (original: Demolition Ship)
H. Scorpion = F (original: Fishing Ship)


Light/Hus = A (original: Archer)
Bloodlines = F (original: Fishing Ship)
Cav/Pala = S (original: Militia)
Husbandry = G (original: E. Warrior)
Heavy Camel = D (original: Demolition Ship)


Maso/Arch = E (original: Spearman)
Treadmill C. = R (original: Fire Ship)
Heated Shot = T (original: Scout)
Ballistics = P (original: Transport Ship)
Chemistry = C (original: Bombard Cannon)
Siege Eng. = A (original: Archer)
Murder Holes = S (original: Militia)
Towers = D (original: Demolition Ship)
Fort. Wall = F (original: Fishing Ship)
Bombard T. = C (original: Bombard Cannon)

Town Center

Loom = A (original: Archer)
Wheel/hand = S (original: Militia)
Town Wat/pat = D (original: Demolition Ship)
Age ups NOT hotkeyed!

Other things you may want to know

  • Spies, Age ups and Mill techs are NOT able to use with hotkeys
  • Chemistry's location moved to where Bombard tower research will be
  • Tech tree NOT showing what tech is researched
  • When you research a technology it shows with the "unit created" message
  • This mod WON'T overwrite or modify your hotkeys
  • I was able to set only unit hotkeys in mod, but you can customize it for your taste
  • To change hotkeys you have to edit the original's
  • Hotkeys are based on default settings, if you customized it, you may have an already used button
  • For unknown reason computer NOT research any technology
  • This mod is including Advanced Statistics
  • Chinese civ bonus not perfect and some tech can have +/-1 price difference
  • You also can queue techs like units


This mod not compatible with the following Visual mods:
- Advanced Spec
- Blue Berries
- HD Units re-skin
- Pumpkin Patch
If you will use these Visual mods, you can get a bug like this:

Special thanks

  • Keisari Tapsa's and Ruralist for moding tools
  • gag2000 for some ideas from his Queuing researches mod
  • The guy who asked for this mod on forum

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