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This mod has not yet been approved by Voobly staff. Use at your own risk.
UserPatch is now available to be used along side Voobly's AoC patch. The perfect match for two of the largest AoC community projects ever attempted. The combined effort for these patches represents over a decade of development work. UserPatch comes with new features and an enormous list of game fixes. Voobly's patch has been the most popular patch for AoC since its introduction and comes with many features such as the game mod center and game fixes such as the rewritten network layer and anti-cheat.

When UserPatch is selected the VooblyPatch-UserPatch "super-patch" will be activated -- patch version will be shown as "vUP" in-game.

UserPatch Features

(Small number of UP patch features were disabled that exist in VLY patch)

Core Features:
  • Population caps have been extended up 1000.
  • Mirror player civilizations with the new Team Random civ option.
  • Select a maximum age for advancement using the "Starting Age" dropdown.
  • Each map script generates 4,294,967,296 unique maps from 32,768 in v1.0c.
  • Single player mode now operates at 60fps instead of 20fps in v1.0c.
  • Browse saved and recorded games from subfolders in your SaveGame folder.
  • Check real-time achievement statistics while watching recorded games.
  • With the new Relics victory condition, capturing the relics is an instant win.
  • The patrol system responds like The Age of Kings with little to no delay.
  • New Random button above game settings for new styles of play.
  • Flares are now larger and more bold on the mini-map display.
  • New higher resolution 1:1 and 1:2 full map captures with "Ctrl+F12".
  • Age advancement notifications are now shown in each player's color.
  • Restored games can now be recorded in all game modes.
  • The vote panel/serial sync bug has been fixed for multiplayer.
  • New auto-save if a problem occurs to ensure that resuming is possible.
  • Optional multiple building queue to auto-distribute unit training.
  • Many bug fixes for the core game and improvements for the AI system.

Scenario Editor
  • Press "Ctrl+S" once to disable grid placement of non-building objects.
  • Enable free placement of all objects by pressing "Ctrl+S" a second time.
  • Fill new maps or modify existing maps with any available terrain.
  • Create maps using custom rms scripts directly in the scenario editor.
  • Trees, mines, and more are now properly replicated by the map copy feature.
  • Change the names of units in a specific area, without having to preselect.
  • Use negative numbers more freely with trigger conditions and effects.
  • Condition inversion checkbox option for all scenario trigger conditions.
  • Area selection options for the patrol effect and the fewer-objects condition.
  • Change object speed, range, and armor with new trigger effects.

AI & RM Scripts
  • New maps can use team positioning for a different experience.
  • Start your civilization on maps with new elevation attributes.
  • AIs are selectable in multiplayer (direct ip or lan games are most stable).
  • Multiplayer games can be started with only AI players for practice.
  • AIs can now choose to close openings created in their walls.
  • Boar hunting and luring is now fixed and operational for AIs.
  • Ungrouped AI players will not ally themselves against humans.
  • AIs are now able to lure deer and clear trees on michi maps.

Voobly Patch Features

(Small number of VLY patch features were disabled that exist in UP)

Core Features:
  • Powerful anti-cheat technology that after 8 years has kept the competitive gaming community going strong.
  • New networking layer for the game that removes the need for almost everyone to manually port forward.
  • Voobly's widescreen patch is used and comes with flexible support for command bar positioning (left, right, center, stretch support)
  • Rating Integration
  • Window mode
  • Many other fixes and tweaks to the game.

Game Mod Center:
  • Recently introduced Voobly Mod Center for community creations
  • Fast & easy install. Single click "install" button is provided on each mod's webpage
  • Does not effect your game files
  • Easy to enable & disable using the "Game" menu in the game room.
  • Automatically updated when the mod author releases a change.
  • Small efficient mod packages (able to package only what changed instead of existing mods which are often 50-80mb)
  • Can use multiple mods together. For example, Small Trees, Real Farms, Enhanced Terrains, and Dark Grey Patch can be used along side each other.
  • Data or Game Play mods are supported, everyone in the game room will be transferred these types of mods to prevent out of sync, an example is Triple Tech Mod

  • Successful in banning and detecting cheaters. The anti-cheat has banned over 2000 accounts.
  • Voobly team is continually making improvements and updates being released
  • Not had any public cheats for years (unlikely everywhere else to play AoC)
  • Sophisticated banning system to keep detected cheaters out from trying again.
  • Various game enhancements such as locking in-game cheats off and locking rated CS games to specific maps.

Game Diagnostics:
  • Game diagnostics will auto-detect and fix problems with the game installation. Almost all users can get started and planning within minutes after installing the game.
  • Players with missing patches will have the game automatically updated (e.g.: no need to install 1.0c any longer -- Voobly will install all required updates for you)!.
  • Support for over twenty different common installation issues
  • Support for correcting common problems in over five different packaged versions of the game.

UserPatch-Style Widescreen

vUP patch lets you select which widescreen style you want to use. You can make this selection by using the command bar position menu:


Offline Patch Selector

To make it easy to watch recording games offline, Voobly automatically upgrades your game to have a patch selector. 1.3 patch games are compatible with vUP patch played games.

To work properly, you mst have the AoC .exe set to "Run as Administrator."



vUP is and is not compatible with vanilla 1.3.

It is NOT compatible in the sense of networking. vUP cannot establish a connection with someone playing outside of Voobly without vUP because VLY patch completely changes how networking functions. All users need to launch through Voobly.

It is compatible for recording games, vUP patch recordings will work on 1.3 patch.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Will this become the default patch?
    A: Voobly is interested in have a single primary patch and is considering phasing this from being optional to default over the next year.
  • Q: Not all UserPatch features were enabled, why not?
    A: Almost all the UserPatch and Voobly Patch features were enabled, the only ones that were not enabled were features both patches implemented which was rare. E.g.: some Voobly patch features were disabled such as mirror civ aka Team Random Civ and UP version used instead.
  • Q: Are the recordings compatible between UP 1.3 and this super-patch?
    A: Yes, like VLY patch did on 1.0c, it does not affect recording compatibility.
  • Q: Why can't I select which patch I want when i'm offline?
    A: You most likely have not set the game to run as administrator.
    To do this, right click aoc icon on the desktop and select properties.
    Now goto compatibility tab and select run as administrator.
    Apply and save. Now you shouldnt have any problems.
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