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Free Mod

by Team vanthom - 165 downloads

What is this mod?

Simply put, anything you are able to buy in Age Of Empires the Conquerors requiring resources no longer requires any resources.

No need for resources to research the next age

No need for resources to research technologies

No need for resources to create units

Why use this mod?

Custom Scenarios typically start players off with nearly unlimited resources, the real question is why have nearly unlimited resources when you don't need them at all!?

Pros of this mod
    Reduces the need of extra triggers and therefore possibly reduces lag in some maps
    Simple kill to food counters become more useful
    Players scores become more accurate according to kill, razing and population count rather than having a large amount of useless resources.
    The basis of a new RCB mod (in progress) without the need for kings and giant stores.

Cons of this mod
    Not really useful for RM
    Specific scenarios that are played based off resources
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