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Rise of the Gago

by Fernando Ezequiel Sanchez - 176 downloads

It was based on my book Claudio Gago and his reign - Ezequiel the Light Knight.

If your Conquerors hotkey are not automatically applied to Rise of the Gago, copy player.nfz from your Age of Empires II folder to the Rise of the Gago directory.

If you want to use your WololoKingdoms hotkeys, copy the player.nfz and player#.hki files from WololoKingdoms to Rise of the Gago.

Gagos: They are the Conquerors.
Detrómpides: Calvary Civilization: They Are Gago's enemy.
Cif: Between Gago and Detrompides.
Luxus: They are Nomad.
Wancas: They are the Conquerors.
Bandidos: From Wancas and Emege.
Gritthongües: They are pasive empire.
Jalikangüinos: From Gritthongües and Wancas.
Kanflenianos: Small Village.
Geller: Between Kanflenianos and Cif.
Sattonianos: fight for honor.
Emege: from Bandidos and Wancas
Ovetz: Warriors conquerors from Gago's Battle

This is beta mod...

Voice of:

-Carmen Pastori
-Claudio Gago
-Rubén Dario Pastori
-Javier Fichu
-Brandon Gago
-Julio Leyva Rodriquez
-Alejandra Rodriguez
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-Marisa Sosa
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Graphics of:

-Claudio Gago
-Brandon Gago
-Dominic Dominguez
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Go to website TOP-CONQUERORS for look the pictures:

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