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Fan Patch 1.4

by _Nakamura - 339 downloads

Use Fan Patch 1.4 to watch the old recorded games. The complete changelog can be seen on the RTS-S website [You must login to view link]

Bug Fixes:
  • Hunt delete on animals being gathered from is no longer possible
  • Disabled the usage of the console for multiple instances
  • Fixed an exploit involving the spawning of Ajax SPC units.
  • Bolt now kills all "normal" frozen units instantly.
  • Trees and gold mines no longer provide one less wood than they're supposed to.
  • Hippolyta minion conversion bug fixed
  • Healing spring decontruction bug fixed
  • Undermine now works on mirror towers
  • Fimbulwinter wolves now spawn so that town centers are in their line of sight
  • Walking woods now is castable on gaia trees
  • Fixed a bug regarding docks being unable to shoot at certain water myth units
  • Changed the basic unit stance of Leviathans from defensive to aggressive
  • Fixed the Satyr accurate shot special
  • Atlanteans can research draft horses now (the upgrade was accidentally not inserted)
  • Changed the caravan unit stance to aggressive to avoid the caravan bug
  • Oracle scouts can now garrison, and all myth unit special attacks work on them
  • Bast upgrade bugs fixed
  • Titan gates are now deletable.
  • Changed the basic unit stance of oracle heroes from passive to aggressive.
  • All huntable and herdable animals (including set animals) are now affected by frost
  • Caladria can now auto-heal.
  • Caribous of Set now convert nearby herdables & Traitor now affects Caribous of Set.
  • Shifting sands no longer affects flying units
  • The kraken special attack now works on fireships.
  • Changed the initial stance of fishing ships to aggressive.
  • Atlantean citadel centers now provide favor
  • Citadel garrison capacity now matches town center capacity
  • Fixed a bug regarding fire siphons being unable to hit gates on higher/lower ground from their maximal range.
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