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No Rush mod

by Gallas - 923 downloads



How to host

You have to select a random map from this list. The number shows what is the No Rush time.

How is it working

When you click on the Rock the name says what time the host set by map. Under it you can see the countdown (in minutes) when the block will be removed automatic.

For RM scripters

You can make your random map script too for this mod!
The middle block is made by a snow typed terrain and over it there are the Rocks like trees:

No rush 05 (unit id: 866) = Snow (terrain id: 32)
No rush 10 (unit id: 867) = Snow dirt (terrain id: 33)
No rush 20 (unit id: 868) = Snow grass (terrain id: 34)
No rush 30 (unit id: 869) = Ice2 (terrain id: 35)
No rush 40 (unit id: 870) = Snow Foundati (terrain id: 36)
No rush 50 (unit id: 871) = Ice Beach (terrain id: 37)
No rush 60 (unit id: 872) = Snow Road (terrain id: 38)
No rush 90 (unit id: 873) = Snow Forest (terrain id: 21)

This mod including Advanced Statistic.

network_down.PNG Offline game support: [You must login to view link]

Example random maps:

Version log

Current version 2.1:
2.1-Added New map: Full Black Forest - with edge to edge block
2.1-Now all block buildable (thanks to
_Maha for report)
2.0-Reworked the mod from scratch!
2.0-The Rock removing itself automatic
2.0-Added Black Forest (only the hole between players blocked)
2.0-Tropico map is removed due to sometimes path stays open
1.0-First release

Special thanks to:
- Keisari Tapsa's and DiGiT's aoe tools
- John for the Rock decay tip

TheMadCADer for both Black Forest.rms
- KickMyButt for Green Arabia.rms
- MooKs for Michi.rms
- RF_Gandalf and MFO@Mapster for Michi Rivers.rms
- mod requested by:

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