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Age Perfect Expansion

by xXSpecialsoulXx - 1766 downloads

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********************************************************************** ChangeLog 3.9.16 ********************************************************************** -Mercenary Speed change Mercenary 0.95 >>> 0.9 Royal Mercenaty 1>> 0.92 -Mercenary Food Cost 30 F >>> 45 F -Sword line militia speed change to 0.9 >>> 0.94 -Mercenaryes and royal ones +2 Base ATK Gold Costo 60 G >>>20 G -In Palatial Age adds +1Atk and + 10% Hp and +1 Traspacion Armor to exploration cavalary lines. -Remove Houses 5 garrison units -add the flag of uni garrisoned in houses -Farms 1.5 selecction shape in dead farm -catapult more rocks projectile 1 projetciles >>> 2 projetciles -Cavalary warfare nows cheapper but adds +30 secs more for research - maps nows stars with cows and elefants - Rock mines 400 S >>> 420 S -Age time researching = double to the original - Multiples Towns Center nows requieres Feudal Age - Reseted Times of the Ages - Smalls Farms is now Restored to the original size - Changes in Cows foods [FOOD COST] 400 250 500 300 650 350 850 400 - Wild Elephants nows have : 1000 F >>>> 400 F 450 HP >>>> 210 HP -Forage Bushes´s food 450 F >>>> 180 F -Stone mines: 500S >>> 400S -Nows technologies in outpost are Cheapper outpost lvl 3 100 W > 50W 25 S > 15S -Advanced palisade -50% time research --------Palatial Technologies are Cheapper--------------------- Real champion Cost: 1500F 800 G >>> 900 F 700G Real Paldin Cost: 2800F-1600G >>> 2000F-1100G Real Arbalest Cost: 800F1100G >> 600F-800G Real Skirmishers Cost: 800F-600G >>> 600F-400G Real Hand Cannoner Cost: 600F-1400F 400F-600G Real Mecenary Cost: 700F 650G Blacksmith palatian tecnos are 70% cheapper Force Arm Cost 2000F 400G >>> 600F 400G Engineering Time 150seg >>> 100seg Stone Cost: 200 S >>> 50 S Advanced Tools Cost 2500F 1000W >>> 800F600W COnstruccion rules Cost: 1300G>>>500G Mangonel Cost: 400F 250G >>> 180F 150G Ariete Cost: 200F >>>120F Ing escorpion Cost: 1200W>>>700W Skirmisher Cost: 260W150G >>> 50W 20 G Combat knive Cost100F 20G >>> 80F 20G Multiples Towns Center TIME Research 15 Segs >>> 25 Segs Heavy and Advanced Petards are 50% cheapper Houses ATK more cheapper and faster to research Catedral 13000Hp >>> 10000 HP Fix: Nows Real Hand cannoner afected by turks Bonus Team ***non Military Buildings Provides +Pop Headroom ***Military builsings Provdes +4 Pop Headroom [Barracs, Archery Range, Stable, Siegue WorkShop. Harbor, Heavy duck] ***Siegue Units now cost as 2 units in PopHeadroom Except siegue Canon RAMS cost as 3 units! Aplied some Ideas AOC Balance MOD Changes 3.9.9 -Raising Turkeys Almost free 200F-->5F -Reduced (+- 150HP) and fire rate 1.9-->2 to Palatial towers -Palatial reseachr step now include the stone walls (huns and persians can reach the fortified wall but not armored one and gods can reach stone wall) -elephants are less lethal(less atack) and nows gives 900 F (3000F before) -Fix error in MAP EDITOR when you select the "OTHERS" UNITS TAB -Redesing the line of research of the Walls -New Scenarios added -More food in farms Changes 3.9.8 -Huns autoreseach Houses 10 and 20 now those are disbled (they dont use houses) -Cannon ships are now avaliable for all civs -More food in cows,sheeps,and turkeys -Fix trebuchets bug 999 armor.. -Cannon ships new animation and new fire mode Changes 3.9.7 -Ships Cost 66%less of Gold but you will pay ass Food -Sea Mines less gold Cost-- -Sea Builder +50% Work faster-- -try To Fix Gates non Destructibles for Trebuchets proyectiles -research multiple towns centers cost update: now cost 200F before:300F and noW:50G before: 100G-- - advanced post research's are now avaible in post-age(error when u star with post imperial techs are not researched) -huscarles Step sound error NOT SOUND-- - mines creation more faster -fix demolition ship in aztek civ -fix sea mines not buildable when u reach the population headrom -meteor not fires cause pop headroom -palatial towers now adds more Hit points to sea Towers -minor changes in all ships -Sea Mines can destroy trees -fire ships palatial step to civs -some new terrain textures Changes 3.9.6 -Vikings Bug Alabarder Palatial Age are now Enabled -Builds-Prerequistes for Advance to Feudal Age is now Restored to the ORIGINAL one(mills,gold campament ,lumber campament etc..) Changes 3.9.5 -Light Changes in units -Palacial Skyrmish -1 range - -Palatial Alabardier -1 p.armor Changes 3.9.4 -Fixed Mines delay explosions Changes 3.9.3 -Sea mines has more attack and blast raddius -fix Sea Gate Hided in editor -fishes in sea 50% more food -sea Mines fix error range added extra like a tower Changes 3.9.2 -New Water Building "sea gate" avaliable Now -cost ships set -Sea Mine can be builded in any sea -Sea Mine add bit more resitance -dragon ship bit less armor but more speed -decoy ship bit more Hp -firegallery Palacial step Vikings Changes 3.9.1 -Warships error autosend in heavy docks -docks and Heavy docks can be created in all water(low water before) -ING Rams Opowered -Honor Op (now increase to 12% HP Special units (25% Before) -language setup fixed -warship galeon FIX atack graphics -Fix range in blacksmith techs that affects warships -fix put gran.demotionshipos avaliable in editor (INMORTAL) -the team bonus and civs bonus now apply in the new water units -Feudal to make avaliable needs a BARRACS and Archery gallery -Advanced tools reduced added speed and gathering [+10 viilager vel to +2%][+50% carriage to 10%]

-new graphics
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-new Sounds
i have added new sound effect in HD like
explosions,hits,stepfood , hit arrows..etcc.etc

-new terrain
like inmy tutorias i have added new terrains to get more real

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-new units
more and more units and buildings

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-new tegnologies
more than 50 new techs

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-new sistem battle
get bored to do the same...get casttles to get town centers.
now you can research multiples town centers in dark!
for now there will be battles in dark age ,feudal,castle,imerial and Palacial ones!
-new Age added
Palacial ages make the difference in the battlefield
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-Buy population
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now u can reach more population to get more bigger and expand your town but carefull maybe u will need all that resources to keep your actuall town safe. dont problem with the houses you can upgrade it to keep 10 unist or 20 units per house

-New Farms
small and added new grapich
i have been plaing the game during that years with friend to get satbility but I do not close the idea to improve it even more!

NOtes:i will be updating the version for new terrains new sounds and a new sistem battle in watter like citys in the coast towers walls and much more i hope u like this andif you wanna give a hand im here:


added: 5 grapics units from the mod
credits to:Mahazona

added: fix walls game error
credits to: JustTesting1234

added:Royal Camel and original Alt-alt Unit SLPs
credits to: danielpereira
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added:Trade Workshop Graphics
credits to:[You must login to view link]
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added:Enhanced-Ice-And-Snow Terrains slp
credits to: Pine/pG_plexiq_
but uploader is Obscvred
Enhanced-Ice-And-Snow Terrains

added:2 Boats slp's
credits to: Gallas

added:Some ideas for balance patch
credits to: [INoV]CarlosFerdinand

Next Goals
-sistem war watter (100%)
-Traduction to French and Italian
-New civs
-ia support
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