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COBRA Racing

by Gallas - 455 downloads

COBRA Racing is a test mod for new controlling panel.


You cannot control your COBRA with mouse. Use the Steering (Pavilon) for controlling:


Hotkeys are:
A west
Q north-west
W north
E north-east
D east
C south-east
S south
X south-west
SPACE stop

Do not leave road or you will get penalty!

Remember always: your unit aim to the edge of the map, not front of it, if something blocking your way (cliff, forest) it will try to get around.

This mod not compatible with the following Visual mods:
- Advanced Spec
- Blue Berries
- HD Units re-skin
- Pumpkin Patch
If you will use these Visual mods, you will get the "black box bug".
In addition if you use hotkeys as Visual mod I cannot guarantee your Steering's hotkeys will be the suggested ones.

- network_down.PNG Offline game support: [You must login to view link]

Total triggers: 250
Conditions: 244
Effects: 431
Map size: 144x144

Special thanks to:
- Keisari Tapsa's and DiGiT's aoe tools

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