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5th Age Mod

by Gallas - 10113 downloads

It's time to leave the Imperial and go into the next Age . . .
The Golden Age!


- new base units and technologies
- New Unique Units / Technologies
- New buildings
- New icons and graphics
- Unique heroes
- Fully support RM / DM / CS maps
- Researchable in Accursed and Tower of Flies too (for cba and blood maps)

- network_down.PNG Offline game support: [You must login to view link]

This mod can be played in RATED games.


Current version 2.0.1:
2.0.1-Fixed one important bug
2.0.0-Major patch with lot of new features:
2.0.0-New design for buildings in 5th age! (thanks to [You must login to view link] & Tomcelmic)
2.0.0-Unique heroes! (just once can be trained)
2.0.0-2 new technology in Monastery, 1 in Stable and 1 in Siege Workshop
2.0.0-Fixed the Cavalry's visual bug
2.0.0-Noble Swordsman +5 hp
2.0.0-Royal Longbowman -1 pierce armor
2.0.0-Updated tech tree and added screenshots
1.9.1-Fixed Obsidian arrow for Pavise Crossbowman
1.9-Included Advanced Statistics thanks to: Client
1.8-If player own Accursed or Tower of flies the Golden age tech available in castle too (next to petard)
1.8-Royal War Elephant -50 hp and -1 attack
1.8-Royal Mameluke +1 attack vs elephants
1.8-New building: Trade Workshop
1.8-New unit: Mounted skirmisher
1.8-New technology in market: Trade Route
1.7-Thumb Ring now working with all new archers (thanks for report to
1.6-Parthian Tactics fixed for Royal Mangudai (thanks for report to
1.5-Royal Mameluke will display the actual damage
1.4-Fixed Fragmentation for non-bombard civs
1.3-Culverin moving a bit faster and not available for most of non-firepower civs
1.3-Royal Mangudai -1 attack and -1 normal armor
1.3-Loom 2.0 in Golden age
1.3-Hunting wolf can be garrisoned and transported (thanks for report to
1.3-Rocketry fixed for Royal Chu ko nu (thanks for report to
1.2-Elite Paladin's attack reduced to 16 from 18 and pierce armor to 3 from 4
1.2-Culverin (cart cannon) cost changed from 300 wood/275gold to 150wood/175gold
1.2-Culverin (cart cannon)build time reduced by -20 sec
1.2-Lot of unit's name changed (thanks for names to
1.1-Fixed Market bug
1.0-First public version

This mod not compatible with the following Visual mods:
- Advanced Spec
- Blue Berries
- HD Units re-skin
- Pumpkin Patch
If you will use these Visual mods, you will get the "black box bug".

The top of the screen WON'T SHOW the new age. Userpatch shows this age as Unknown at player's name. Tech tree editing is difficult. If I make just one mistake, game will crash, so I won't edit it. In addition, if a civ know 4. age unit, then he will know 5. too. Civs like japan, viking, byzantines and chinese not getting new % stuffs from the 5. age (except spanish blacksmith no gold). Civilization bonuses and team bonuses untouched.

Tech Tree:

Gameplay video by ['RB']nhoobish

Special thanks to:
- Keisari Tapsa's and DiGiT's aoe tools
- Oxam's [You must login to view link] [You must login to view link]
- Taichi San for aoe2 alpha version upload
- Jorgito_Lando and Kor for some graphics
- Tomcelmic for Age of Asian mod
- Furik91 for mounted skirmisher graphics
- todler for Trade Workshop graphics
- ToME team for some icons
- Chivalry team for hero idea
- Leontios for some technology idea

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