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LotR Scenarios

by LotR Community - 1717 downloads

Visit for more information about Lord of the Rings Community on Voobly.

An introducing video of Lord of the Rings gameplay on AoC. Big thanks to RiyT for making this video.

If you feel like that you want to give LotR a try then we suggest you to read Locked's Complete Guide to "LotR", this will improve your knowledge how the game works and you will feel more confident when playing. Big thanks to Th0m for making the Guide.
If you really become a casual LotR player or if you are just a fan I recommend you to download LotR Taunts for Voobly.

List of Scenarios featured in the mod:

=LotR= 3p Isengard
=LotR= 3p Moria (p4 comp)
=LotR= 4p Helm's Deep not-ToME
=LotR= 4p Helm's Deep ToME
=LotR= 4p Helm's Deep v5
=LotR= 4p Hurin (Rohan+Rhovanion)
=LotR= 4p Minas Tirith
=LotR= 4p Sigo's Silmarillion
=LotR= 4p There and Back Again
=LotR= 4p Wilderland (Orcrist's)
=LotR= 5p Axis and Allies
=LotR= 5p Bilbo's Adventure
=LotR= 5p Bone WK
=LotR= 5p Fate Wilderland
=LotR= 5p War of Rohan
=LotR= 5p World War I
=LotR= 6p Bilbo's Orgy
=LotR= 6p Last Alliance
=LotR= 6p Minas Tirith (p7 comp)
=LotR= 6p Rings of Power Beta 9m
=LotR= 6p Rings of Power Gold
=LotR= 6p Rings of Power v9,4
=LotR= 6p Southern War (p7 comp)
=LotR= 6p World War II
=LotR= 7p ASoIaF
=LotR= 7p Axis and Allies
=LotR= 7p Last Alliance Diamond 6
=LotR= 7p Last Alliance fix34
=LotR= 7p Tale of Years Diamond V28
=LotR= 7p Tale of Years V18
=LotR= 8p Accuracy Latest2
=LotR= 8p Fate of Middle Earth
=LotR= 8p Fate Silm Diamond v2
=LotR= 8p Hanni 4v4 V6
=LotR= 8p Hanni 12(a)
=LotR= 8p Hanni Gold
=LotR= 8p Medieval Europe TW fix5
=LotR= 8p Narn i Chin a Hurin
=LotR= 8p Silmarillion 4v4 fix1
=LotR= 8p Silmarillion 4v4 NoCivB
=LotR= 8p Silmarillion 8 Final b fix2
=LotR= 8p Silmarillion Diamond fix9
=LotR= 8p Silmarillion Gold v8 c
=LotR= 8p Silmarillion Reloaded
=LotR= Risk v1

If you want to give feedback on which Scenarios should be in this Mod and which not then leave a comment below.

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