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WiC Mod

by Justin - 1250 downloads

This is the official game mod to be used for all "War is Coming" tournament games.

The full Rules & Settings can be found here : [You must login to view link]

  • WiC maps included.
  • Disabled BBT in Post-Imp starts.
  • Coinage research moved to Castle Age.
  • Banking research moved to Imperial Age.
  • No other changes to balance or gameplay.

Wic Map Pack:

WiC Version 3.0 Changelog:

  • - Resources should be more fair now, however they might spawn closer to the shoreline on some water maps now.
  • - Added Duopoly to single maps. Duopoly_v2
  • - Carribbean removed max_distance_to_other_zones completely on 4v4 and 3v3.
  • - Edited sheep spawn distance
  • - Gold and Stone should be fine now.
  • Eldorado:
  • - Removed Water around the borders.
  • - Added Deers(MR) again
  • - Boars are still limited to 1x or 2x (Never 3x).
  • - Updated the wood (Improved).
  • - Elevation removed on 1v1 on Eldorado.
  • - Gold resources will ALWAYS spawn in the middle of the map now.
  • - Minor updates/fixes.
  • - MegaRandom Mode: edited max_distance_to_other_zones on 4v4 and 3v3.
  • - Acropolis removed extra resources on the map (Deer and Boar).
  • - Edited boar spawning distance on 3v3 and 4v4 to spawn right next to TC.
  • - Edited the straggler trees around TC to make space for Boars.
  • - Ancient Lake decreased stone groups from 3 to 2. Removed extra resources from the map.
  • - Two Rivers removed max_distance_to_other_zones on 4v4 and 3v3.
  • - Reservoir edited resource zones and spawn distances.
  • - Islands removed max_distance_to_other_zones completely on 4v4 and 3v3.
  • - Shorelands (regular/standard) edited the resources on the islands.
  • - Shorelands(MR) removed the extra resources on the islands for balance.
  • - Sand Maze decreased the spawning distance for sheeps from 12-30 to 12-25.
  • - Flood replaced shallow connections with Beach terrain. Fixed the water (Dock placements).
  • - Changes from WiC 2.0:
  • WiC_Duopoly_v2, WiC_AP_Two_Rivers_v2, WiC_Ancient Lake_v3, WiC_Caribbean_v3,
  • WiC_Islands_v3(MR), WiC_Map_Pack_v3, -
  • WiC_Reservoir_v3, WiC_Sand_Maze_v2, WiC_Shorelands_v2, WiC_Shorelands_v3(MR), WiC_Team Islands_v3(MR) -
  • WiC_Team_Acropolis_v3 and WiC_Team_Continental_v3, WiC_Flood_v2(MR), El_Dorado_v5(MR)
  • - Every map should have balanced resources now. That is the goal.
WiC Version 4.0 Changelog:
  • - Ancient Lake edited.
  • - Fixed zones and resources on 2v2 Carribbean.
  • - Fixed stone on 1v1 on Reservoir.
  • - Resource and zones on different map sizes fixed.
  • - WiC_Ancient Lake_v4, WiC_Caribbean_v4, WiC_Reservoir_v4, WiC_Map_Pack_v4

    Updated 18.01.15 : One map edit
  • - WiC_Rooster_v3 : All water is now dockable. Removing some unfair dockable spots.
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