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Handicap Mode

by Pancrol - 124 downloads

Antivirus false positive

This mod contains an executable file called "Handicap.exe" that your antivirus may erase, put on quarantine, etc. This happens because the program is unknown to the antivirus. The best solution is to add Handicap.exe or the mod's folder to your antivirus exceptions so it is ignored.

Adaptation of the new game mode introduced in Definitive Edition. This game mode boosts some of the players to compensate large differences in ELO.

The handicap mode increases by a percentage several aspects of the gameplay:
  • Faster gather rate for villagers.
  • Higher carry capacity.
  • Longer lasting resources.
  • More starting resources.
  • Higher Villager HP.
  • Faster build speed.
  • More HP on all buildings
  • More bonus damage for counter units
  • Faster work rate for military buildings
A small number like 110% or 120% will add a small boost to compensate for idle TC/villagers. Large numbers like 190% or 200% give huge advantages and should only be used by very novice players.

How to use
In order to play this mode, appart from this mod, you need to use Patch v1.6 and Comunity Patch v1.6.

When you install the mod, the exe file is inside a .zip file in the mod's folder. Navigate to the mod's folder, "Voobly Mods\AOC\Local Mods\Handicap Mode" and extract the program:


Then execute "Handicap.exe". You will see a screen similar to the in-game one:


For each active player you can choose the following:
  • The handicap value. 100% is no effect, 200% is the maximum.
  • The color. All players must choose a color.
  • The team. It can be left empty for a free for all.
  • The age you want the handicap to activate. This is a unique feature not present in the Definitive Edition version of the mode.

Additionally, you have two more options:
  • Fixed positions. This orders players clockwise by their color. Otherwise, the distribution inside the team is random.
  • Allied Vision. This gives allied vision from the begining of the match.
When you press "Generate Map", the program will create a map with the specific configuration you asked for.

If you create the map after the game has launched, you may not see it in the Custom maps list. Simply change to the Standard maps and back to Custom and it will appear.

When setting the game, choose the colors and teams exactly as you did in the handicap program. Otherwise you will get weird generations.


If you like the concept of this mode, let me know in the comments and I'll improve it.

Supported maps
  • Acropolis.
  • Arabia.
  • Arena.
  • Baltic.
  • BF Lord.
  • Big Freeze.
  • Black Forest.
  • Caribbean
  • Cenotes.
  • Chaos Pit.
  • Clearing.
  • Cross.
  • Forest Prison.
  • Fortress.
  • Ghost Lake.
  • Gold Rush.
  • Golden Pit.
  • Hideout.
  • Oasis.
  • Team Acropolis.

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