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WololoKingdoms DE

by Pancrol, Katsuie, GorLeon and Chris - 7737 downloads

Información del mod en español:
If you are interested in participating in a tournament using this mod, please fill this poll with your prefered settings. As soon as there are enough players, it will be organized.


In order to pass the license check of our installer, you must have either:
  • Age of Empires II (2013) formerly known as AoE II HD on Steam, including all DLCs installed.
  • Age of Empires II – Definitive Edition either on Steam or Windows Store installed.
Before you are able to complete the installation, the following must be true:
  • Wololo Kingdoms HD version 5.8.1 is installed on your machine.
  • The Compatibility patch for AoE II HD is installed on your machine.

All these requirements to install Wololo Kingdoms DE are necessary to maintain a good relationship with Microsoft. Since the mod implements civilizations only accessible through AoE II HD, we must verify again, that our players have purchased the game on Steam. This process is similar to the license check by the installer of the original Wololo Kingdoms HD.


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This mod implements most of the changes that came with Definitive Edition so far, such as Kamandaran for the Persians, Steppe Lancers or the Khmer farming bonus, and minor tweaks such as unit stats. The four new civilizations are also implemented, with some modifications due to limitations on user patch.
This mod is not related to the work of the Wololo Kingdoms team; I used their files and implemented as many changes as I found possible within the capabilities of Advanced Genie Editor.
Thanks to:
  • chr1s for developing the installer.
  • katsuie for the Auto-Farms and overlay patch.
  • GorLeon for Age of Mandala, DE Maps, Farms and Herdables, Terrains, Gold and Stone.
  • _everaoc_ for the lancer and foundation graphics.
  • Azurzar for the short walls of the new architectures.
  • hujianshi for the chinese translation.
  • NighttFury for the testing and bug hunting.

For more information, visit our website [You must login to view link]

Burgundians and Sicilians
The two new civilizations are done and you can play around with the Coustillier in the Scenario Editor. However, we haven't included them yet since we are working on a new version of the license check to ensure that only people who have purchased the expansion have access to them. For that we need to modify the Voobly client, we are working with the people who programmed it to make it happen.

Recomended mods
  • Artistic Graphics by Azurzar. WololoKingdoms DE includes Independent Architecture, a functionality that allows every civilization to have their own set of building graphics. Artistic Graphics uses this to provide unique architectures to every civilization.
  • GorLeon has created many visual mods to help gameplay, such as smaller houses, bigger boar and Daut's Castle.
  • ez-counting by Pancrol. This mod modifies the interface and shows vertical lines every five icons to help counting the number of selected units.
  • Trees with Grid Shadow by Pancrol. Direct port of the Definitive Edition one that adds square shadows around the trees to help detect holes.
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Pancrol, Katsuie, GorLeon and Chris
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