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WololoKingdoms DE

by Pancrol - 887 downloads

If you are interested in participating in a tournament using this mod, please contact +koandcul13 with your prefered settings. As soon as there are enough players, it will be organized.
You must have AoE II HD installed on Steam including all DLCs, with
the latest compatibility patch and the latest Wololo Kingdoms (5.8.1).
Age of Kings and Age of Conquerors MUST NOT be installed. If you are still having
problems, please give us the full error message you are getting.
Download the ZIP archive and extract it to a random folder, then run Wololo Kingdoms DE.exe. Please make sure, that the install directory and the installer are in the same directory.


Now choose the language and hotkey configuration of your choice and click Install. If a hotkey file already exists, your hotkey configuration won't be touched.


You are done!


If you do have a legitimate copy of Age II HD and the installer still complains, you may need to do a [You must login to view link] of the Compatibility Patch for it to be recognized.

This mod implements most of the changes that have came with Definitive Edition so far, such as Kamandaran for the Persians, Steppe Lancers or the Khmer farming bonus, and minor tweaks such as unit stats. The four new civilizations are also implemented, with some modifications due to limitations on user patch.
For the version of this mod without WololoKingdoms visit here.
This mod is not related to the work of the Wololo Kingdoms team. I used their files and implemented as many changes as I found possible within the capabilities of Advanced Genie Editor.
Thanks to:
Details about the implementation
Most of the changes are copied from the Definitive Edition game files, following the list provided in:
[You must login to view link].
If some change is not listed there, is most likely not implemented, so let me know.
Things that I have implemented myself and won't behave like in DE.
  • Khmer farm bonus: The implementation makes Khmer farmers drop food in themselves but they can't do so unit by unit, as the animation makes them stop every time they drop food, making them very slow. Instead they gather until they have 10 units, as usual, and then drop off. I compared the gathering rates to those of Definitive Edition and they are similar.
  • Steppe Lancers use the same hotkey as Eagle Warriors.
  • Fishermen droping food at docks: At the start of the game, fishermen drop food at mills and town centers. If you build a dock, the fishermen change to recognize only docks as drop sites, as this is the only way to make it work. Once that happens, in the mill you can find a button to change it back and forth five times. It can't be done enternally but this should give you room to change your mind.
  • Hotkeys and queue for technologies. This functionality is based on the mods Tech hotkeys and Queuing Researches V.
    The techs share hotkeys with the units from the dock so you have to go there to change them. I haven't added hotkeys for every building as it conflicts with my own hotkeys. The buildings that allow it are the Town Center, Blacksmith and University (only on some techs).
    The functionallity is not be implemented in mill, lumber and mining camp since it can not be added to the mill and I find it confusing that some economic buildings allow it and some don't.
  • Lithuanians I couldn't make the relic bonus work: the game applies its effect without considering the number of relics and it can not be deactivated when the player loses the relics, this is probably due to modifications on the user patch beyond my knowledge. Instead, I've implemented the following bonus: Knights and Leitis gain +1/+2 attack in Castle/Imperial Age, provided they have built a Monastery. I believe this bonus keeps the spirit of the one it replaces and is somewhat similar in strength.
  • Leitis The game doesn't understand a unit that has neither range or melee attack so the Leitis, who has 12 attack on its special class that ignores armor, shows in the game as having 12-12 attack. Nonetheless, the damage is calculated correctly when it attacks. For the same reason, attack upgrades don't show as an extra number in the stats. To make it easy to identify the upgrades, I've added the upgrade into the Leitis name. For example, if you see a unit called "Leitis+2", it means it is a Leitis with two attack upgrades. The stats will say attack 14-14 but this way you don't have to remember the basic damage of the unit to realize the number of upgrades.
  • Tatars I could not implement the elevation bonus so I've implemented the following: Cavalry archers deal more damage to units with low pirce armor (less than 4). This is done to approximate the elevation bonus for cavalry archers without breaking them against skirmishers. The full list of changes is too large to fit in the civilization description so I've written a document explaining in detail the changes implemented and their reasoning, you can download it here.
    The longer lasting sheep could not be implemented either. I tried to adapt the Mayan or Malay bonuses but they can not be applied to sheeps only. In the end I adapted the Inca bonus to Start with 2 cows. In a normal map with 8 sheeps, 50% more food on them equals 400 more food. Two cows equal 300 food and, given the fact that they are in the town center and found right away, I consider it a good compromise.
  • Keshik The gold generation ability could not be implented. I thought about giving them some other ability but they are already good at raiding and can hold against heavy cavalry. In the end, they return 5 gold (6 on elite) when they die, similar to Sarracen monks.
  • Flaming camels use the same hotkey as Eagle Warriors.

Things not implemented and beyond the capabilities of Advanced Genie Editor:
  • Auto farming.
  • All the quality of life features from DE.
  • Side parts of diagonal gates are walkable during construction.
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