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AG3 Ancient Empires

by Mac B / Governor Gold - 435 downloads

AG3 Ancient Empires, otherwise known as Project AG3 is a large scale/overhaul mod that sets Age of Empires 2 back to the Bronze and Iron age. The setting and civilizations of Age of Empires 1, but with the same gameplay and balance of Age of Empires 2 - with 39 civilizations to play from
Such as
The Hittites
The Romans
The Babylonians
The Scythians
The Spartans
The Gauls
The Elamites
The Zapotecs
The Parthians
And many more;
List of civilizations with bonuses

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The mod comes with a set of custom made RMSes (Medes, Dunes, Elam, Andes, Parthia, Persia, Urartu, Ugarit, Citystates, Orleans, and more), and a campaign (Cyrus the Great)

The two main differences between Age of Empires 2 and this mod is the addition of two generic units - the Hoplite line (which are like Teutonic knights trainable from barracks for most civilizations) and the Elephant Archers (only trainable by some)
Other than that all units and technologies are identical in data - Paladins look like Cataphracts and Arbalests look like Longbowmen, but they are statistically identical to their aoe2 counterparts

This mod was the result of almost a year of toil and another month of porting it to Voobly. I designed everything trying to meet a compromise between balance, historical accuracy, and how things were in AoE1.

The AI Hammurabi is based off CheeseOnToast's Bruteforce. Many graphics are taken from an abandoned mod called Age of Ancient Empires. So many graphics have been borrowed from other mods (using graphics from Jorgito, Ivindor, Etc) that it will take me some time listing them all - if you do not see your name credited here and I have used any of your assetts, please alert me so I can credit you :)

AG3 DISCORD: [You must login to view link]

Don't forget to paste your hotkey and player files in the mod folder so you can use your custom hotkeys from the conquerors or wk
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