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Two Pools Tournament - Map Pack

by Chrazini - 156 downloads

This workshop item is the official map pool for the Two Pools Tournament hosted by LidaKor.

The main event of the tournament is an eight-team single-elimination series running from 22-25th August fighting for a prize pool of at least $1000.

The event will be featuring a new civilisation drafting system showing some love to the less-used civilisations in AoE2:
With each civilisations appearing only once in each series, teams will draft half of the civilisations for themselves, the other half, for their opponent! This results in two pools of civilisations (hence the name - also, it's summer after all) for each team, with each match, one player on each team picking a civ from Pool 1, the other, from Pool 2.

The tournament will feature high-rated players, with the Top four teams from Doubles Age as invited participants, the other four spots open for taking!

Rules & Settings for the tournament can be found here:
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The maps included in this map pack are:
• TP_Arabia
• TP_Dry Lake
• TP_Forest Pond
• TP_Fortress
• TP_Glade
• TP_Gold Rush
• TP_Hideout
• TP_Team Islands
• TP_Cape of Storms
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