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DE Balance - Allied Vision

by everaoc - 461 downloads

This mod updates the AoC civilizations to the official balance from Definitive Edition [DE] and HD expansions: The Forgotten [AoF], The African Kingdoms [AoAK] and Rise of the Rajas [AoR].

Allied vision enabled by default. Standard version available here.

  • Civ bonuses and technology trees have been updated according to DE and HD DLCs.
  • 18 new unique techs and 4 common (Supplies, Arson, Arrowslits, Gillnets).
  • Feudal Eagle Scouts, Siege Towers, Fire Galleys, Demolition Rafts and Xolotl Warriors.
  • Palisade Gates available to be built.
  • Mediterranean building set.
  • Several AoC bugs fixed.

:::::: Version 4.3 :::::: * Chinese: Can now research Block Printing. [DE] * Persians: Kamandaran archers price increased from 50 to 60 wood. [DE]


  • Atlatl introduced. [AoF]
  • Demolition Ship added to the technology tree. [AoAK]
  • Free loom removed, start with +50 gold instead. [AoF]
  • Jaguar Warrior (normal) have 1/1 armor. [AoF]
  • Jaguar Warrior (elite) have 2/1 armor and +11 attack against infantry. [AoF]
  • Military creation bonus no longer applies to Monks. [AoR]

  • Cannon Galleon added to the technology tree. [AoF]
  • Heavy Scorpion added to the technology tree. [AoF]
  • Longbowmen now train in 18 seconds. [AoF]
  • Yeomen moved to the Castle Age. [AoF]
  • Warwolf introduced. [AoF]
  • Warwolf price increased to 800w, 400g. [DE]

  • Buildings HP bonus now properly affects gates. [AoF]
  • Greek Fire introduced. [AoF]
  • Now with mediterranean architectural style. [DE]
    Credits: Gwotyng (Italian buildings), Ghazna (Saracen Castle).

  • Furor Celtica gives siege units +40% HP. [AoF]
  • Stronghold introduced. [AoF]

  • Can now research Block Printing. [DE]
  • Chu Ko Nu (normal) now train in 16 seconds. [AoF]
  • Great Wall introduced. [AoF]
  • Town Centers gain +5 LoS. [AoF]

  • All cavalry now get +20% HP instead of just Knights. [AoAK]
  • Cavalry HP bonus only available from the Feudal Age onwards. [DE]
  • Chivalry introduced. [AoF]
  • Elite Throwing Axeman upgrade cost 1000 food & 750 gold. [AoF]
  • Foragers work 25% faster. [AoF]
  • Squires added to the technology tree. [AoF]
  • Throwing Axemen now move at a speed of 1. [AoAK]
  • Throwing Axeman (normal) have 60 HP and frame delay of 10. [AoR]
  • Throwing Axeman (elite) have 70 HP. [AoR]

  • Treadmill Crane removed from the technology tree. [AoF]

  • Cannon Galleon removed from the technology tree. [AoF]
  • Cavalry Archers are 10%/20% cheaper in the Castle/Imperial Age. [AoAK]
  • Marauders introduced. [AoF]
  • Tarkan (normal) now have 100 HP, base attack of 8 and 1/3 armor. [AoR]
  • Tarkan (elite) have 1/4 armor. [AoR]
  • Treadmill Crane removed from the technology tree. [AoF]

  • Bloodlines added to the technology tree. [AoF]
  • Gold Shaft Mining added to the technology tree. [AoF]
  • Treadmill Crane added to the technology tree. [AoR]
  • Yasama introduced. [AoF]

  • Non-siege military units cost -15% wood. [DE]
  • Panokseon introduced. [AoF]
  • Team bonus: Mangonel line minimum range reduced instead of +1 range. [AoF]
  • Turtle Ships base price: 180 wood & 180 gold. [AoF]
  • Turtle Ships no longer require a Castle. [AoAK]
  • War Wagons base price: 110 wood & 60 gold, train in 21 seconds. [AoF]
  • War Wagons receive cavalry archer armor class. [AoAK]

  • Farmers work at closer speed to the farmers of other civilizations. [AoR]
  • Obsidian Arrows introduced. [AoF]
  • Plumed Archers base price: 55 wood & 55 gold. [DE]
  • Resources now last 15% longer. [AoAK]
  • The upgrade to Elite Plumed Archers now costs 700 food & 1000 wood. [AoF]

  • Elite Cannon Galleon removed from the technology tree. [AoF]
  • Mangudai (normal) frame delay decreased from 10 to 5. [AoF]
  • Mangudai (elite) frame delay increased from 0 to 5. [AoAK]
  • Nomads introduced. [AoF]

  • Kamandaran introduced. [DE]
  • War Elephant (normal) also deal trample damage. [AoR]
  • Town Centers and Docks work +5% faster in Dark Age. [DE]

  • All Archers (except Skirmishers) +1 attack vs. buildings per age starting in Feudal. [DE]
  • Madrasah introduced. [AoF]
  • Mamelukes receive their own armor class. [AoR]
  • Mameluke (normal) now have an attack of 8. [AoF]
  • Mameluke (elite) now have a frame delay of 4. [DE]
  • Markets cost 100 less wood. [DE]

  • Cannon Galleons fire with Ballistics by default, projectile speed set to 7. [AoF]
  • Conquistadors receive cavalry archer armor class. [DE]
  • Inquisition introduced. [AoF]
  • Missionaries affected by Bloodlines. [AoF]
  • Missionaries affected by Husbandry and heal as quickly as normal Monks. [DE]
  • Missionaries no longer require a Castle. [AoAK]
  • Now with mediterranean architectural style. [DE]
    Credits: Gwotyng (Italian buildings), Ghazna (Saracen Castle).
  • Team bonus: Trade units now generate +25% gold. [AoAK]

  • Ironclad introduced. [AoF]
  • Monks automatic healing range fixed. [AoF]
  • Receive Herbal Medicine for free. [DE]
  • Team bonus fixed, no longer overrides Faith technology. [AoR]
  • Teutonic Knight (normal) now have 80 HP. [AoF]
  • Teutonic Knights move at 0.7 speed. [AoR]
  • Town Centers can garrison 25 units instead of +2 attack, +5 LoS. [AoF]

  • Gold Miners work 20% faster (up from 15%). [AoR]
  • Janissary (elite) are now affected by the team bonus. [AoF]
  • Sipahi introduced. [AoF]
  • Team bonus now affects Turtle Ships. [AoR]

  • Berserkergang cost 850 food & 400 gold. [AoF]
  • Berserk (normal) have 54 base HP. [AoF]
  • Berserk (elite) have 62 base HP. [AoF]
  • Berserks now train in 14 seconds. [AoF]
  • Chieftains introduced. [AoF]
  • Longboats no longer require a Castle. [AoAK]
  • Team bonus: Docks are now 15% cheaper. [AoF]
  • Treadmill Crane added to the technology tree. [AoF]
  • Warships are now 15%/15%/20% cheaper in Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age. [AoR]


  • All stone gates take the same time to build. [AoR]
  • Buildings HP reduced in Dark and Feudal Age. [AoF]
  • Castles now have 11 LoS, projectile spawning area set to 0.5 [AoF]
  • Fish Traps now take 40 seconds to build. [AoAK]
  • Houses now cost 25 wood. [AoF]
  • Outposts now cost 25 wood & 5 stone. [AoF]
  • Palisade Gate available for all civilizations. [AoF]
  • Palisade Gate cost increased to 30 wood, have 0/0 armor while building. [DE]
  • Palisade Walls now take 6 seconds to build. [AoF]
  • Stone Walls and Fortified Walls now take 10 seconds to build. [AoF]
  • Watch Tower HP reduced from 1020 to 700 before Castle Age. [DE]
  • Watch Towers, Guard Towers and Keeps now cost 50 wood & 125 stone. [AoR]
  • Guard Towers now have 7 attack. [AoF]
  • Keeps now have 8 attack. [AoF]


  • Arrowslits introduced. [AoAK]
  • Arson introduced. [AoAK]
  • Ballistics affects Fire Ships projectiles. [AoAK]
  • Banking cost 300 food & 200 gold, takes 70 seconds to research and becomes available in the Imperial Age. [AoR]
  • Chemistry no longer slows down Mangonel projectiles. [AoF]
  • Chemistry affects all Castle arrows. [DE]
  • Chemistry affects Town Centers. [AoF]
  • Coinage cost 200 food & 100 gold, takes 70 seconds to research and becomes available in the Castle Age. [AoR]
  • Dry Dock no longer reduces gold per trip for Trade Cogs. [DE]
  • Elite Skirmisher upgrade costs 230 wood & 130 gold [DE]
  • Fervor works properly, not just for Monks carrying relics. It also affects Missionaries now. [AoF]
  • Gillnets introduced. [AoF]
  • Heavy Camel upgrade takes 105 seconds to research. [AoF]
  • Herbal Medicine effect increased by 50%. [DE]
  • Husbandry cost 150 food and takes 40 seconds to research. [AoAK]
  • Murder Holes cost 200 food & 100 stone. [AoF]
  • Squires cost only 100 food. [AoF]
  • Supplies introduced. [DE]
  • Town Patrol cost 300 food & 100 gold. [AoF]
  • Tracking researched for free upon reaching the Feudal Age. [DE]


  • Camel now have 6 attack, +9 vs. cavalry and are no longer classified as ships. [AoAK]
  • Capped Ram garrison 5 units. [AoF]
  • Cavalry Archers cost 40 wood & 60 gold. [AoAK]
  • Demolition Raft introduced as a predecessor of the Demolition Ship. [AoAK]
  • Demolition Ship have 60 HP, blast radius set to 3. [AoAK]
  • Heavy Demolition Ship have 70 HP. [AoF]
  • Eagle Scout available as a predecessor of the Eagle Warrior. [AoAK]
  • Eagle Scout -1 LoS in Dark Age (5 total). [DE]
  • Eagle Warrior have 55 HP, 0/3 armor, 7 attack, +3 vs. cavalry, +2 vs. Camels, +1 vs. ships and moves at 1.15 speed. [AoR]
  • Elite Eagle Warrior now have +3 attack vs. Camels and +2 vs. ships. [AoR]
  • Fishing Ships receive their own armor class. [AoR]
  • Fire Galley introduced as a predecessor of the Fire Ship. [AoAK]
  • Fire Ship now have 120 HP. [AoF]
  • Fast Fire Ships now have 140 HP. [AoF]
  • Halberdiers deal +26 damage against Camels. [AoR]
  • Halberdiers -5 attack vs. Mamelukes (+11 total). [DE]
  • Herdable animals can get on board Transport Ships. [AoAK]
  • Kings now have different sprites (middle eastern and asian). [AoAK]
  • Man-at-Arms have +2 attack against buildings. [AoF]
  • Long Swordsman have 60 HP, +3 attack vs. buildings and +6 vs. Eagle Warriors. [AoF]
  • Two-Handed Swordsman have 12 attack, +4 vs. buildings and +8 vs. Eagle Warriors. [AoF]
  • Champion have +4 attack vs. buildings and +8 vs. Eagle Warriors. [AoF]
  • Monks carrying Relics are susceptible to anti-Monk damage. [AoF]
  • Onagers can cut down trees. [AoF]
  • Pikemen deal +18 damage vs. Camels, +11 vs. Mamelukes. [AoR]
  • Petards cost 65 food & 20 gold. [AoF]
  • Scorpion have 7 pierce armor. [AoF]
  • Scorpion projectile size increased. [AoAK]
  • Siege Tower available at the Siege Workshop, now gets its own hotkey. [AoR]
  • Spearman deal +12 attack against Camels, +4 against Mamelukes. [AoR]
  • Trade Carts now have a smaller collision radius, resulting in less blockage on trade routes. [AoAK]
  • Trade Cogs generate +30% gold. [AoAK]
  • Transport Ships are available in the Dark Age. [AoF]
  • Trebuchets have 19 Line of Sight. [AoF]
  • Villagers can now be garrisoned in rams. [AoF]
  • Xolotl Warrior available. [DE]

Additional notes

  • Middle eastern and asian monks now have different sprites.
  • Most new technologies use the same ID as in WK for better compatibility.
  • Palisade Gate hotkey uses the letter "C" (it can be changed in settings).

Language file

  • Fixed several incorrect percentages from the original tech tree.
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