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Dutch Civ Expansion for AoC

by Joris Wolters - 46 downloads

I was bored in my spare holiday time, so I made this.

This is pretty much my first attempt on creating a game mod in general, so don't expect it to be over the top or anything (I haven't really gotten to the point to fiddle around with graphics all that much yet, so I copied all graphics/sounds from existing civs). It features one added civilization, called The Dutch. The reason why is because I live in the Netherlands. I've done a bit of research about the history of my country, so in the end I decided to make it a Naval/Defensive civilization, and since it is quite a latecomer compared to the rest of the civs, I felt like it was appropiate to be a lategame focussed civ powerhouse.

Feel free to leave any feedback! It's my first mod, so I could've easily made this way too overpowered.

Dutch civilization intro

As it is a defensive and naval civilization, it gets some powerful Castle techs complementing it from the Castle Age. I decided to go with double techs like the Goths. It also features a massively improved Market, because of their trading history with their Dutch East India Company. Without further ado, here is the overview of their unique units, civ bonuses, etc.

Dutch civilization overview

Naval/Defensive civilization

Civilization bonuses:
  • Improved market: have double hp, work 25% faster, gain 30/45/60 gold/minute when you build your first market in Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age
  • Market techs half the cost, free banking
  • Galley line +1 range in Castle Age, +1 in Imperial Age (total +2 range)
  • Free Shipwright in Imperial Age
Unique Units:
  • Landsknecht (infantry unit)
  • Vesting (upgraded Town Center)
Unique technologies:
  • Vesting (Town centers upgrade in Vesting) Cost: 400w, 300s
  • Volley Fire (Hand cannoneers +3 attack) Cost: 750w, 600f
Team bonus:
  • Markets cost 25% less wood

Unique units stats

(Elite) Landsknecht
Cost: 70f, 55g
HP: 75 (90)
Attack: 11 (15)
Armor: 2/2 (4/3)
Speed: 0.85
Attack bonuses: +4 vs eagle warrior, +4 vs building

Cost: 275w, 100s
HP: 3000
Attack: 8
Range: 8
Garrison: 20

Tech tree missing techs
  • Barracks: Eagle warrior line
  • Archery Range: Arbalest, Thumb Ring, Parthian Tactics, Heavy Cavalry Archer
  • Stable: Hussar, Paladin, Camel line, Bloodlines
  • Siege Workshop: Siege Ram, Siege Onager
  • University: Treadmill Cane
  • Dock: Heavy demolition ship
  • Blacksmith: None
  • Economy: Stone Shaft Mining
  • Monastery: None


So here are some questions I feel like they're going to be asked.

Q:Isn't that vesting upgrade allowing to town center rush all over again like the old Teutons?
A: I honestly think not. The upgrade costs 400 wood and 300 stone, and you need a Castle first to research it. The Dutch also lack Stone Shaft Mining and Treadmill Cane to make this strategy underwhelming.

Q: Aren't all the Market bonuses not over the top?
A: Honestly, I think not, aside from maybe the gold generating bonus. Especially in 1v1's, most of the market bonuses have very little impact, as they're based on tributing and trading. In team games, the bonuses could be more useful, but I still think great market bonuses aren't as strong as a decent military bonuses. That's why I wanted to make it over the top to begin with. The gold generation is something I've looked at, and as of now, in Imperial age it's the same as having two free relics. I dunno, it feels okay this way.

Q: What are the strengths and weaknesses of the Dutch?
A: The Dutch are generally weak against early rushes. Early on, they have generic everything and don't have Bloodlines for a good scout rush themselves. In the Castle Age, they lack Thumb Ring and good Knights, but they do get a good unique tech for their Town Center to allow for turtling. The Dutch aren't designed to play aggressively early on, so expect them to become strong in the Imperial Age. In the Imperial Age, the best option against the Dutch is probably going siege-heavy and hand cannoneers. As a result, I think the Dutch will probably struggle the most against the Turks, Koreans, Aztecs and Mongols. The latter two don't have access to hand cannonneers, but their early aggression and their late siege cause a lot of trouble for the Dutch anyway.

Q: What are the best unit compositions of the Dutch?
There are five units I use the most in my game play:
- Spearman line
- Skirmisher line
- Unique unit
- Hand cannoneer
- Bombard cannon

Spearman line against cavalry, skirmisher line against all archer units, unique unit line against infantry and light cav/camels, hand cannoneer against infantry, bombard cannon against siege + buildings.


- Town Centers upgraded with Vesting now also have increased hitpoints when laying a building foundation for it (previously only when the Town Centers were fully built up)

- Town Centers with Vesting upgrade -200 HP (now 3000)
- Market gold per minute now 30/45/60 (from 25/50/75).
- (Elite) Landsknecht +1 Attack (now 11/15), +0.05 movement speed (now 0.85)


- The Galley line range bonus is now staggered as intended


- Unique units/techs are now viewable in the tech tree
- Market gold bonus is now available in all ages when building a market (previously only in Feudal age)
- Vesting upgrade should now actually improve the damage of town centers

- Lose Heresy
- Lose Trade Cart HP bonus
- Elite Landsknecht: HP from 95 to 90


- Now get Husbandry as intended
- Landsknecht speed lowered from 0.9 to 0.8, so there's more reason to pick the militia line over the unique unit (I intended them to be slower than the militia line, but I never knew their speed was actually 0.9, I thought it was 1)
- Vesting technology now gives bonus stats to the town center, rather than creating an entire new building. (Town Centers are so weirdly coded)


- Lose Paladin
- Lose Bloodlines
- Lose Heavy Demolition ship
- Landsknecht training time increased from 12 seconds to 18 seconds

- Female Villager fishing missing sound added
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