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European League of Clans - Map Pack

by Chrazini - 217 downloads

Update 22-07-2019:
The pack now includes the maps for the second stage. The maps are:
• Coast to Mountain
• Dry Lake
• Gold Rush
• Hideout
• Mediterranean
• Migration
• Skeleton Coast
• Takeshima
[email protected] Waters
[email protected] Slope
[email protected] Bara

If you and your clan is participating in the tournament make sure that you and the entire clan remain subscribed to this workshop item, as the maps may receive updates during the event. If you have any issues installing the map pack, please don't hesitate to contact Chrazini (contact information in the handbook).

To see screenshots of the maps, go to [You must login to view link].
This map pack contains the following maps:

Arctic Circle
On Arctic Circle, teams spawn on each side of a frozen river and lake. Despite the water being frozen, there are still pockets of fresh water that can be docked, but the middle that holds the fish is too deep to be directly docked. Losing water control can be catastrophic as ships can sail across the ice and quickly kill any land units that may attempt to cross.
Water isn’t everything, however, as there is plenty of room on the map for players to develop their economy and prepare a counterattack or re-take the water.
Resources are standard, but extra sheep can be found on the frozen river between the teams.

Arena is an old classic, now re-designed to fit the theme of the tournament. On Arena, players start with stone walls all around their starting area that will secure the player’s resources and guarantee a safe start for everyone.
On this specific version, animals (except for the sheep) will always spawn inside the walls of the players. Furthermore, all extra resources that may generate will always spawn in the middle of the map, instead of sometimes spawning unfairly behind the walls of the opponent.
Resources on Arena are standard.

Big Freeze
Just like Arena, players also spawn with walls around their spawning area on Big Freeze. However, these walls are only made of wood and therefore may create a false sense of safety, as they’re easily broken down. While players are somewhat protected, the bases are significantly smaller than on Arena, which results in many of the resources spawning outside of player’s bases.
If you do venture outside of your walls, you’ll find numerous frozen ponds with gaps that hold vast amounts of shore fish.
Resources are reasonably standard; however, players spawn with three farms around their town center, but no deer.

Border Dispute
Border Dispute is the essence of chaos and control. On this map, players spawn incredibly close together – and while this is already the recipe for a rough start, all players will have to compete for the wild boars in the very centre of the map.
There are plenty of resources around the players, but due to the nature of the map, these resources are also close to your enemies. Secure some food and land, and venture outwards to expand your civilisation.
Extra resources are scattered across the outside of the map.

On Frazil, all players spawn on their own tiny island with plenty of resources, but an enormous lack of space. This map is all about controlling the sea, as most of the land can be damaged from the water. Unfortunately, while the water does contain a lot of fish, they are gathered extremely slow by fishing ships.
In case players run out of gold on their main island, the middle holds slightly more gold for players to take, but maintaining a position in the middle is extremely difficult and vulnerably to attacks.
Players spawn with extra deer very close to their town center to ensure that everyone can reach feudal age in a reasonable time.

Glacier is a unique map where players can choose several approached to achieve victory. At the very beginning, all players are reasonably safe and only connected by a thin line of ice and the ocean. Water control will be necessary as the water holds plenty of fish and because of the raiding-potential it offers.
However, all players will have to cut their way towards to middle to secure themselves space and resources. The centre holds plenty of gold and stone and defending this area will vital for victory.
The resources are standard; however, players start with less gold in their initial base.

What began as a border conflict has later escalated into a war which has decimated thousands of men. All civilisations have all but exhausted the resources of their lands in their struggle for domination.
All civilisations now crippled beyond repair, the remnants of their armies continue to battle on ravaged grounds – their hatred fueled by years of total war. This is a fight to the death. For each civilisation, the only acceptable outcome is the complete elimination of the others.
Graveyards are a reasonably standard map that shares many similarities to the famous Arabia – notable differences are the tall hills and spread out gold and stone.

Mired takes place in a frozen swamp, with a lot of wildlife searching for food in the last area of the swamp that isn’t yet frozen. Players spawn among the wildlife and will have to venture out of the swamp to build their first town center. Quickly settle and fight for the food as everyone will want to hunt the boars and take advantage of the significant amounts of food.
The map contains vast amounts of resources scattered around the map, and each corner holds large forests with plenty of lumber to be collected.
Players spawn with two cows in their possession and a domesticated horse to scout.

Scandinavia is a hybrid map with an abundance of food. The map offers three boar per player and even additional deer making the Mongols a popular choice. With water flanking the map and plentiful fish to be had there is undoubtedly an element of water control to consider; however, in the end, the battle is won on the land, with water being less of an essential factor.
Balancing the army on water and land will be essential for victory and is extremely difficult to do.

Shelter is a map inspired by the layout of Hideout, but with smaller initial bases and no walls surrounding the players. This means that most resources spawn forward and vulnerable to attacks.
While extremely dangerous, players may choose to venture all the way out towards the edge of the map to take advantage of the significant amounts of shore fish. While this may boost the food income for your civilisation, it will leave your economy extremely exposed to aggression from the enemy.
Besides the shore fish, resources for the players are standard, and few extra resources can be found scattered around the map.

Sinkhole is a straightforward map with a few variations that make it feel unique to play. The land is flat and contains an average amount of forest. However, in the dead centre of the map lies a giant sinkhole surrounded by unbuildable ice. The water holds a tremendous amount of fish and having control of the water will grant the players a massive advantage in terms of economy.
However, having the water will not only give them an economic advantage but also grant players a lot of map control. Ships can sail through the ice and up the hill, and this adds much complexity to the map.
Resources are standard; however, players spawn with double the usual amounts of berries, but lack close deer.
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