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Age of Kings

by Gallas - 16 downloads

AoK 2.0 balance with AoC / UserPatch features

This mod is still in test stage!
During testing I had crashes, specially when checking tech tree, so it remains unrated.

Also including the AoK Custom Scenarios and AoK Custom Random Maps pack.

Changelog from AoC 1.0c/UP to AoK 2.0:


• Removed civilizations: Aztecs, Huns, Koreans, Mayans and Spanish
• Byzantines lost free Town Watch and Monks heal 3x faster instead of 1.5x.
• Chinese start the game with -150 food instead of -200 food and -50 wood.
• Goth infantry cost -10% Feudal, -15% Castle, -25% Imperial Age instead of -25% less starting in the Feudal Age.
• Japanese infantry attack +10% faster Feudal, +15% Castle, +25% Imperial Age, instead of get -25% attack speed bonus starting in the Feudal Age.
• Teuton Town Centers have +2 attack and +5 range.
• Turk Gunpowder units have +50% HP instead of +25%, also the Team bonus does not affect Elite Janissary and Elite Cannon Galleon.

Unique Units

• Removed units: Jaguar Warrior, Tarkan, War Wagon, Turtle Ship, Plumed Archer, Conquistador, Missionary (both elites and non-elites)
• Longbowmen and Elite lose 2 attack bonus against Spearmen.
• Cataphracts train in 23 seconds instead of 20 and attacks slower (2.0/E2.0 instead of 1.8/E1.7), also lose fully the +12/E+16 bonus defense against anti-cavalry attacks.
• Chu Ko Nu and Elite lose 2 attack bonus against Spearmen.
• Training time for Longboats, Samurais and Teutonic Knights are significantly increased
(41/16/19 instead of 25/9/12sec).
• Mangudai lose a -1 attack bonus against Spearmen, moves 1.43 instead of 1.45, have 100% accuracy instead of 95% and reload in 2.0sec instead of 2.1.
• Mamelukes move at a speed of 1.41 instead of 1.4. Also Mamelukes lose the +11 bonus armor against anti-cavalry attacks by losing the new armor class, what they shared with ships in aoc. They no lnoger take bonus damage from anti-ship attacks.
• Samurai attack slower by 2.0 instead of 1.9 and have a lesser attack bonus of +5/E+6 against Unique units instead of +10/E+12.
• Woad Raider, Berserk and Samurai lose 1 pierce armor.
• Woad Raider, Berserk, Samurai and Huskarl now move slower (1.03/0.9/0.9/0.9) instead of 1.2/1.05/1.0/1.05).
• Janissary and Elite Janissary base attack has been decreased (17/22 to 15/18), but got +4/8 damage vs infantry (also Elite Janissary +3 damage bonus vs buildings). Also accuracy increased from 50% to 55%.
• Huskarls have decreased pierce 4/E6 instead of 6/E8 and less anti-archer attack bonus +3/E+4 instead of +6/E+10. Also non-elite Huskarl train in 26 seconds instead of 16.

General Units

• Removed units: Eagle Warriors, Halberdier, Hussar, Petard, all aoc heroes, Furious the monkey boy, Jaguar, Javelina, Macaw and Turkey
• All units base armor is reduced to 232 from 1000. Major effect vs units with huge hidden damage like Saboteur.
• Scout Cavalry lost the +2 attack in the Feudal Age.
• All archery range units (except Hand Cannoneers) now do -1 damage to Spearman-line units.
• Camel and Heavy Camel move slower with 1.45 speed from 1.4 and training slower (29 instead of 22sec).
• Cavalry Archer -1 range (Heavy Cavalry Archer is same).
• Cavalry Archer and Heavy Cavalry Archer movement speed increased from 1.4 to 1.43.
• Militia-line lose 1 pierce armor.
• Infantry and archers can't garrison within a Ram for protection.
• The Bombard Cannon is significantly weaker. 50 hp instead of 80, +120 damage vs buildings instead of +200, +0 damage vs siege units instead of +20, projectile speed reduced to 3.5 from 4.0 and requires the Bombard Cannon research.
• Galleys now take 45 sec instead of 60 to produce (War Galleys & Galleons take 36 seconds).
• Fireships & Fast Fireships -1 armor vs. Galley-line ships.
• Scout and Light Cavalry are lost bonus damage against Monks and are now less resistant to conversion.
• Scorpion line units have decreased attack range, but affected by Blacksmith upgrades.
• Mangonel/Onager line units move slower, have decreased projectile speed and lose bonus anti-siege weapons damage.
• Spearmen and Pikemen have different attack bonus against camels (not "camels, ships and saboteurs" type), so technically it does more damage to it.
• The Hand Cannoneer has less anti-infantry bonus and requires a specific research.


• All buildings base armor is reduced to 232 from 1000. Major effect vs units with huge hidden damage like Saboteur.
• Bombard Towers now do normal damage instead of pierce damage (the major effect is vs. rams).
• Castles now take less time to build (150 sec instead of 200).
• Palisade walls -3 Pierce armor.
• Outposts now require 25 wood and 25 stone, also -2 LOS.
• Town Centers gain range from Fletching, Bodkin Arrow and Bracer.


• Removed technologies: All UT, Bloodlines, Caravan, Herbal Medicine, Heresy, Parthian Tactics, Theocracy and Thumb Ring
• Capped Ram & Battering Ram upgrades cost gold too (250/800).
• Loom provides -1 Pierce armor.
• Heated Shot now increases tower attack vs. ships by 50% instead of 125%. In addition not increasing attack for Castles.
• Shipwright not decreasing ship build time.
• Treadmill Crane, Masonry, Architecture, Hoardings, Fortified Wall, Guard Tower, and Keep researches wood or food costs replaced with stone.


• Fish traps now provide food at a slower rate (0.75 instead of 1.25).

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