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DERAC - Arena

by Chrazini - 84 downloads

The official version of the Arena map used for DemEyesRed Arena Cup running from the 30th of March to the 31st of March.
Catch all the games live at:

Differences from standard Arena:
    • Most units and objects have been changed to fit the middle eastern theme.
    • The elephants have the same amount of food as a standard boar (340 food).
    • The speed of the elephants has been slightly decreased to make up for the faster attack animation.
    • Extra resources can no longer spawn unfairly inside a players base.
    • Elephants and Zebras will always spawn inside the walls.
    • One of your starting goats will always start in your possession.

Changelog 27-02-2019 | Version 1.0
• Initial release.

Changelog 14-03-2019 | Version 1.1
• Map is now compatible on HD Edition.

Changelog 17-03-2019 | Version 1.2
• Camels have been removed.
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