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v1.4 RC

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There exists a newer patch for this version:

Test version of UserPatch v1.4 on Voobly.
This remains subject to change, and compatibility is not guaranteed with the final release.

Core Features of v1.4
  • Population caps have been extended up to 250, or optionally 1000.
  • All available video resolutions, including widescreen, are selectable.
  • Choose either the standard widescreen interface or the centered style.
  • Mirror player civilizations with the new Team Random civ option.
  • Select a maximum age for advancement using the "Starting Age" dropdown.
  • Each map script generates 4,294,967,296 unique maps from 32,768 in v1.0c.
  • Single player mode now operates at 60fps instead of 20fps in v1.0c.
  • Browse saved and recorded games from subfolders in your SaveGame folder.
  • Check real-time achievement statistics while watching recorded games.
  • With the new Relics victory condition, capturing the relics is an instant win.
  • The patrol system responds like The Age of Kings with little to no delay.
  • New Random button above game settings for new styles of play.
  • Flares are now bold and render player colors on the mini-map display.
  • New higher resolution 1:1 and 1:2 full map captures with "Ctrl+F12".
  • Age advancement notifications are now shown in each player's color.
  • Restored games can now be recorded in all game modes.
  • The vote panel/serial sync bug has been fixed for multiplayer.
  • New auto-save if a problem occurs to ensure that resuming is possible.
  • Optional multiple building queue to auto-distribute unit training.
  • Many bug fixes for the core game and improvements for the AI system.
  • The installer will correct any color problems on Windows Vista and later.
Changes from v1.3 to v1.4
  • Performance improved significantly for single player and the rec viewer.
  • Multiplayer CPU processing overhead reduced for human-only games.
  • Double-click .mgz and .mgx recs in the SaveGame folder to open them directly.
  • Team Random will mirror itself, preselected civs, Random, and Full Random.
  • The interface now updates at 60fps for HP counters, progress bars, and more.
  • Optional hidden civilization selection for lobby launched multiplayer games.
  • Double-clicking on hero units will not select similar looking hero unit types.
  • Barracks and castle huskarls are still selected together with a double-click.
  • Set the Patrol Default state to On (10s delay) or Off (2s delay) with "Ctrl+F1".
  • Hold "Ctrl" when clicking the patrol destination point to use the other delay.
  • Always-on-top and Background modes now display onscreen notifications.
  • Hover help can be toggled independently from event notifications with "F1".
  • Background mode is now tri-state: on, off, view lock.
  • Additional bug fixes are included for the core game.
Spectator Stream System
  • Hosts can control this with the spectator button at the bottom of the setup screen.
  • Watch single player games, campaigns, and even 4v4 multiplayer games.
  • Enable restricted viewing or allow up to 32 people to spectate at once.
  • Spectators can late-join a game for about 10 minutes in game time.
Single Player Recording
  • If "Record Game" is off, your game is recorded to "rec.mgz" and overwritten each new game.
  • If "Record Game" is on, your rec file is uniquely dated: rec.yyyymmdd-hhmmss.mgz.
  • Never miss an epic event in single player if you chose not to enable unique recording.
  • For multiplayer games, if "Record Game" is off, it is completely disabled, as usual.
Record Viewer Updates
  • The rate hotkeys (usually numpad+ and numpad-) switch players without dropdown box lag.
  • The flare button/hotkey (usually Alt+F) will toggle the fog of war setting.
  • Replay speed now spans from 0% to 100% (0% = original slow, 100% = fast/unbounded).
  • The Slow button reduces speed by 25%, while the Fast button increases it by 25%.
  • Hold the "Shift" key when clicking these buttons for finer adjustments.
  • The Normal button will return playback to 50% speed (75% when spectating).
Scenario Editor Updates
  • Trigger elements are named and prefixed: C (condition), R (reverse condition), or E (effect).
  • Fixed trigger corruption when attempting to select more than 25 units for a patrol effect.
  • The Set Objects button will perform changes more reliably, avoiding unintentional deselection.
  • Objects in the "Others" category will not be reset when returning to a trigger.
Multiple Building Queue
  • Hosts can control this with the SQ/MQ button at the bottom of the setup screen.
  • Select SQ for v1.0c style single queuing or MQ for the new multiple queuing.
  • With MQ, if multiple buildings are selected, any units trained will be auto-distributed.
  • Changing this in single player mode will preserve the default for future games.
New Civilization Options
  • Team Random: mirrors civs on other teams, randomizing only if necessary.
  • Random: the original Random, which attempts to give you a unique, random civ.
  • Full Random: truly random, giving you the first pick, without regard for uniqueness.
Patrol Default Modes (Ctrl+F1) NEW
  • Patrol Default: Off - units initiate attacks after 2 seconds when patrolled.
  • Patrol Default: On - units initiate attacks after 10 seconds (v1.0c style).
  • Hold "Ctrl" when clicking the patrol destination point to use the other delay.
Extended Help Modes (F1) NEW
  • Extended Help: Off/Off - all of the extended help is disabled.
  • Extended Help: Off/On - event notification messages are displayed.
  • Extended Help: On/Off - extended hover help popups are displayed.
  • Extended Help: On/On - both event notifications and hover popups are displayed.
Always-on-Top Mode (F7)
  • Set View: Off - window will move behind other windows (default).
  • Set View: On - window will stay on top of other windows.
Background Mode (F8)
  • Back: Off - mouse locked inside window border, pause on alt+tab (default).
  • Back: On - mouse free to move beyond border, no pause (spectator default).
  • Back: View Lock - mouse locked inside window border, no pause (new).
M3U Music Playlists
  • Set your favorite tracks as background music during gameplay.
  • Create a "music.m3u" playlist in the "Sound" folder of the game.
  • Press "F6" to skip to the next track during gameplay.
  • Please see the Music section of this guide for more information.
Maximum Age Setting
  • The "Standard" and "Dark - Imperial" settings span all ages of the game.
  • All of the other settings are restricted as described from starting age to end.
  • If you play against the built-in Computer, a Castle Age maximum or later is required.
  • Wonder Race must reach the Imperial Age, unless your mod allows early wonders.
Relics Victory Condition
  • This optional condition can be found with Standard, Conquest, Time Limit, and Score.
  • In this mode, the first player/team to capture all relics wins the game.
  • There is no countdown; once all relics are captured, the game ends immediately.
  • This condition is almost identical to the scenario editor-exclusive condition.
AI & RM Scripts
  • New maps can use team positioning for a different experience.
  • Start your civilization on maps with new elevation attributes.
  • AIs are selectable in multiplayer (direct ip or lan games are most stable).
  • Multiplayer games can be started with only AI players for practice.
  • AIs can now choose to close openings created in their walls.
  • Boar hunting and luring is now fixed and operational for AIs.
  • Ungrouped AI players will not ally themselves against humans.
  • AIs are now able to lure deer and clear trees on michi maps.
  • The [You must login to view link] describes all of the new features.
  • For required defconsts, please see the included "UserPatchConst.per".
  • Please visit the [You must login to view link] for more information.
Scenario Editor
  • Press "Ctrl+S" once to disable grid placement of non-building objects.
  • Enable free placement of all objects by pressing "Ctrl+S" a second time.
  • Fill new maps or modify existing maps with any available terrain.
  • Create maps using custom rms scripts directly in the scenario editor.
  • Trees, mines, and more are now properly replicated by the map copy feature.
  • Change the names of units in a specific area, without having to preselect.
  • Use negative numbers more freely with trigger conditions and effects.
  • New reverse condition checkbox to invert your scenario trigger conditions.
  • Area selection options for the patrol effect and the fewer-objects condition.
  • Change object speed, range, and armor with new trigger effects.
Language Neutral Filenames
  • Single player save: your choice.gaz
  • Recorded game:
  • Spectated game:
  • Multiplayer save:
  • Vote panel save:
  • Out-of-sync save:

Some features of v1.4 may be unavailable.
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