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KotD2 - Arabia

by Chrazini - 2738 downloads

All games during King of the Desert 2 will be played on a modified version of Arabia. All players must be subscribed to the workshop item in order to receive any potential updates automatically.

Changelog from orignal Arabia:
• All cliffs have been removed.
• Ponds will no longer generate.
• All players spawn with one goat already captured close to their starting town center.
• Deer has been replaced by zebras and always spawn in patches of three.
• Relics are more evenly spread out across the map.
• A group of four wild camels will spawn somewhere in the desert.
• Several changes to the overall aesthetics.

Changelog 04-11-2018 | Version 1.0
• Initial release.

Changelog 09-11-2018 | Version 1.1
• Increased the amount of wood on the map.

Changelog 12-11-2018 | Version 1.2
• Boars spawn slightly closer to the players.
• Slightly more terrain variation has been added.

Changelog 14-11-2018 | Version 1.3
• The clumping factor of the forests have been decreased.
• Gold, stone and berries will spawn further apart.
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