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Allied vision with LN balance

by Justin,TarKhaN - 140 downloads

General Changes:

All changes explained below were added to Justin's "Allied Vision"

No villager war before Loom
Outposts cost only 50W no stone
You can cut forest with onager, no need to have siege onager (This part is more useful for Michi or BF maps)
Two handed swordsmen attack 12 instead of 11

the first TC construction time has been changed for those civs:
(before loom)

Aztecs: %10 slower construction for TC, imperial age takes %50 longer (nerf)
Celts: %20 slower construction for TC (nerf)
China: %100 slower construction for TC (nerf)
Japans: %50 slower construction for TC (nerf)
Mayans:%50 slower construction for TC, imperial age takes %50 longer(nerf)
Persians:%50 slower construction for TC (nerf)
Spanish:%30 slower construction for TC and Supremacy is available in Castle Age
Huns: %66 faster construction for TC (This was a buff for LN) but Hunnic villager training time is increased by %8 (This is a nerf that means instead of 25s it will be 27s) for only (elite) tarkans blacksmith techs are free, they are as fast as cav. archer and finally more resistant to anticavalry units.(having exactly same cavalry armor as cataphracts have and +2 attack bonus vs. spearman-line) [/b][/i]
On the screenshot: When i just proceed to Imp Tarkans have full blacksmith

Aztecs: (elite) Jaguar Warriors are as fast as berserks

Chinese: Heavy Scorpions' minimum range changed to 1 instead of 2

Franks:(elite) Axeman attacks +1 against anticavalry units

Teutons: increased ram speed (upper limit: 1 for battering or capped ram with 5 infantry) and garrison capacity

Vikings: Pikeman is more resistant to antispearmanline attack (means skirmishers have no attack bonus to pikemen)

And Mongols are not forgotten, Mongolian villager training time is increased by %12 (this is a nerf that means instead of 25s it will be 28s) but they take Nomads Castle Age Unique Tech costing 1000W (Means: when mongolian houses are deleted or destructed they don't lose pop spot)

onager chop added to Justin's mod " Allied Vision version 1.5"
Huns and Turks don't have onager so they cannot cut with mangonel but other civilisations have onager

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