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Chrazini Random Map Pack

by Chrazini - 351 downloads

This map pack includes the most recent versions of all the maps that I have ever created, including original content and reimagined maps from the original game and other creators. This map pack does not include any maps from my special map series, as these are assigned their own workshop item - download those here:
Squad Skirmish
Line Formation
Corner Control
On Edge

All the maps work on all map sizes and with any amount of players. Furthermore, all the maps work with colour positions and contain modern techniques to increase balance and competitiveness while massively decreasing the chance of bugged maps.
Additionally, all the maps are also specially optimised for deathmatch and regicide if you wish to play with those game modes enabled.

Most maps, except some nomad maps, includes all of the following unique features that can be enabled/disabled in the lobby using the resources dropdown list in the game lobby.
Low Resources: This will enable the popular sudden death game mode, where players are unable to construct town centres. If a player loses their original town centre, they are immediately defeated. This game mode will not work on maps with nomad starts.
Medium Resources: This will enable the use of colour positions, also known as fixed positions. This allows all players to choose their starting location relative to other players. See the graphics below for a detailed overview of how to pick colours.
High Resources: This will enable allied vision across all teams in the game. This game mode mimics the effect of the cartography technology and the Portuguese team bonus.

I'm currently going through all my earlier maps and giving them all a facelift to bring them up to modern standards. This means that some maps are currently missing from the map pack, but they will hopefully come back before you even realise.

This mod includes the following maps:
Original Maps:
• African Waters (5.0)
• Aztlan (3.2)
• Big Freeze (1.6)
• Boundary Brawl (4.1)
• Cenotaph (2.0)
• Coral (1.3)
• Desert Slope (1.1)
• Desert Void (1.2)
• Dry Lake (1.5)
• Dual Barrier (1.2)
• Dustbowl (2.0)
• Frazil (1.5)
• Glacier (1.3)
• Glade (1.0)
• Grand Bara (1.3)
• Holy Crest (3.0)
• Hoodoo (1.2)
• Jungle Isles (1.2)
• Lost Island (2.0)
• Marshland (1.3)
• Mirage (2.0)
• Mired (1.3)
• Rehydration (1.2)
• Sandy Crater (3.0)
• Shelter (1.1)
• Shimoga (3.2)
• Sinkhole (1.3)
• Sonder (1.3)
• Swamp Fever (1.3)
• Thicket (1.2)
• Watershed (1.3)
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