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Artistic Graphics

by Azurzar - 2584 downloads

Tasteful architecture sets. For The Conquerors (generic sets) and WK (independent sets) too.
Only a few prototype screenshots, I hope you try and like the current final version (fixes and improvements). There is no civilization without a singular sparkle...
Take in consideration that the estructures of each building is thought to be singular, racial, discreet, optically individual, and a standard size (more than less shorter). So for example, you can discern a civilization just looking a lumber camp in the early Dark Age, making it easier to obtain visual information without needing to be mentalized.
I have also considered that the villagers hide on the banks and not behind, so the larger buildings tend to have flat gardens on their sides instead of walls, for easier micro. For Example...

"*.SPL" File List (deleting any, you restore the original skin, if needed):

Screenshots: [You must login to view link]


Possible future fixes: chinese big size pink trees, a japanese edge size house, a big size berber mill shadow, a more realistic cultural architecture in general, general transparent shadows..., (blacksmiths smoke, roofs snow, and italians feudal dock shadow are not supported by Voobly).
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