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Vampire Revenge

by Gallas - 144 downloads

This mod is an undead/demon themed, random map-based hunter/prey game with unique UP1.5 mechanics.


For more information about gameplay, tips and guides visit:


Example random maps

(a tiny map with 2 players)

(a giant map with 8 players)

Technical informations

Possible changes at next update

(listed here to discuss before it goes live, feel free to comment it)
1.5 - Checking Main vampire class behave in combat (thanks to Kick_144 for the report)
1.5 - Necromancer can reach any Soul fragment by [techname]
1.5 - Vampire age up = faster food picking up
1.5 - Soul fragments amount (without max edit), changes by map size too
1.5 - Fixed hp and not % for humans
1.5 - Pain elemental should spit Lesser Lost Soul

Version log

Current version 1.4:
1.4 - The tile under a dead Tormented soul is buildable
1.4 - Minor tech tree fixing
1.4 - Servant can kill Tormented soul in one hit
1.4 - Head merchant and Necromancer benefits from more undead techs
1.4 - Master Anatomy gives movement speed bonus too
1.4 - Master Summoner gives -5sec / use instead of -2 and much faster the casting of it
1.4 - Vampire damage spells cost -200/300/400 gold
1.4 - Tower of Flies requires 1 pop to build it
1.4 - Accursed and Bombard Tower cost increased by 50% and requires 3 pop to build it
1.4 - Arrowslits, Artillery and Bombard spell gives less attack speed for Accursed and Bombard Tower
1.4 - Stone cutting gives +500 hp too for Walls
1.4 - Base tax increased to 50%
1.4 - Coinage and Banking moved one age upper, cost 4x more and twice slower research
1.4 - The unique Human Hero can be created again if dies
1.3 - New win/lose/defeat sound
1.3 - Tech-tree incorrect text for vampire spy and Daemon name is fixed
1.3 - Soul fragments and Collectable foods always visible in fog and on minimap
1.3 - Blood fountain starts as an explored object (bug or feature?)
1.3 - Head merchant has dot on minimap
1.3 - Palisade wall has 500 hp, instead of 900 and -3 armor
1.3 - Buildings, Walls and Towers receive double damage at the middle
1.3 - Building Gate is available where Walls too
1.3 - Accursed and Bombard Tower +1 sec reloading time
1.3 - Monastery generate 0.6 gold / sec, instead of 0.5 / sec
1.3 - Lilith civ bonus gives -10 food price for demons in imperial age, instead of -10sec creation time
1.3 - New unholy spell: Master Summoner - reduce your summoning time, for a price
1.3 - Vampirism V for even more hp regen
1.3 - Haunting and Night Watch gives LoS for your vampire army too
1.3 - Advanced Necromancy benefits for all undead
1.3 - Exhuming Expertise gives +25% food instead of +10%
1.3 - Master Anatomy gives ballistics for undead units
1.3 - Inner fire gives ballistics for demon units
1.3 - Imp -1 sec reloading time
1.3 - Cacodemon +1 reloading time
1.3 - Lost Soul is moving slower, has no armor -15hp, more weakness, attacks slower but a little more
1.3 - Arch-vile is moved to castle age and damage of it is greatly increased
1.3 - Baron of hell's damage is doubled (better adjusted for attack speed)
1.3 - Pain elemental cost more, -1 range, moves slower, weaker by -150 hp and -2 armor
1.3 - Spider Mastermind +2 damage
1.3 - Cyberdemon +100 damage, but -1 sec reloading time
1.3 - Vampire damage spells cost +100/200/100 gold
1.3 - Vampire hp spells cost +100/300/300 gold
1.3 - Human damage spells cost -300/300 gold
1.3 - Human hp spells cost -200/300 gold
1.3 - Human armor spells cost -250/400 gold
1.3 - Human tower spells cost -100/250/0 gold
1.2 - Soul fragment is visible in fog, but has no dot on minimap
1.2 - Skeleton, Grave and Impaled villager has new visibility and minimap dot option
1.2 - Spies for vampires is fixed and now it always cost 20.000 gold
1.2 - Age ups gives extra LoS and movement speed for Dracula and Lilith
1.2 - Dracula and Lilith get double bonus from unholy spells
1.2 - HP unholy spells are reworked for vampires (hopefully less often bugged hp)
1.2 - Damage unholy spells gives a small extra damage vs buildings/walls/towers
1.2 - Head merchant gold income is reduced to half
1.1 - Added info about map exploration and max pop to the host guides
1.1 - Terrain under buildings is no longer visible on minimap
1.1 - Hell pit is visible in fog
1.1 - Graves, Skeletons and Impaled villagers are not visible in fog, but have dot on minimap
1.1 - Shade's corpse-collecting is fixed
1.1 - Corpse-collecting now have an animations
1.1 - Fresh corpse decays faster and has -10 food in it
1.1 - Soul fragment gold rate is reduced by 25%
1.1 - Spies for Vampires cost 500/each human villager instead of 200/each
1.1 - Monastery techs are fixed for archers (thanks to Nhoobish for the report)
1.1 - Tran****ation cost 300 food instead of 60
1.1 - Cyberdemon and Spider Mastermind have 50% less hp and reduced armor
1.1 - Cyberdemon -1 range, -0.1 movement speed and -1 blast radius
1.1 - Atheism available for all human civs and huns got Perfusion as a compensation
1.1 - Henrik V. replaced by Robin Hood
1.1 - Vampire Ui got a minor update
1.0 - First public version
0.9 - Beta testing (thanks to Mich, Zoet, bluetetiger, eid1, MMO_executioner, maskofdoom, lumberingdino and Useyourname)
0.8 - Alpha testing (thanks to Donnie, Seldom_Pooper, _BMF_, bluetetiger and Rosie

Known and not fixable bugs.... yet

- Evil Horse, Cacodemon and Pain Elemental cannot be group-moved with other units.
- Placing a resource-maker building's foundation is increasing the price of the next one, even if canceled.
- Cancelling Vampire building prevent build a new even if just few % has been built.
- There is a "hidden stance change" for units after collecting food from corpses, have to retarget enemy.
- Reaching more hp than 33k hp makes the unit die or invincible.
- Random map may place unfairly the terrain or objects.
- Atheism cannot be mixed or edited.
- Tech tree displaying is not 100% perfect.



You MUST use UP 1.5, or human resources won't work with many other map-elements!

This mod is not compatible with the following Visual mods:
- Blue Berries
- HD Units re-skin
- Pumpkin Patch
- Pro Mod
If you will use these Visual mods, you will get the "black box bug" or wrong text lines.

Offline game support

network_down.PNG AoKH link: [You must login to view link]

Special thanks/credits

- Keisari Tapsa, Ruralist and DiGiT for modding tools
- UP team for making possible the custom resource system
- Khan Ivayl's Age of Vampire for lot of ideas, graphics, sounds and musics
- ApAdams's Zombie Apocalypse for some graphics and sounds
- guyza's All Doom monsters mod
- LotR ToME team for Balrogs, Citadel and some icons
- WBC 3 for Graveyard and Hell pit
- SWGB for explosions
- Vardamir117's realm mod for some graphics
- Spectore for Shade/Shadow Knight
- Croaker72 for Graves
- BOME Team for base of the Blood Fountain
- Ozhara for lava terrain
- Jorgito_aqua27 for custom cliff
- danielpereira's PCM III for "Levy trick"
- Donnie's Jurassic mod for ideas
- Doom wikipedia for many useful information
- Yourfavoratemusic's Hans Zimmer: Davy Jones Theme Suite as win/lose music
- Every player who helped me in testing and their feedback to make this mod better

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